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pejac working on painting


Like many artists, the Spanish street artist known only as Pejac started on his artistic path because of dissatisfaction. Not with his childhood growing up, but with his art teacher’s own opinions of what art is, and who should be able to appreciate it. For Pejac, art belongs to everyone, and while his work appears […]

picture of artist jr

JR Bio

JR is a French street artist who’s largely illegal art projects have blurred the lines between art and vandalism, spectator and actor, and expression from activism. Unlike many other graffiti artists, JR specializes in photography and often flyposts his work in places where street art is banned, and sometimes can even land you in jail. […]

art piece from street stories

Street Stories: How Street Art is Reaching Out to Help Homeless Youth

Youth homelessness is an important and, unfortunately, growing issue. It was one of the focuses of mayoral candidate Olivia Chow here in Toronto when she ran last year, and many major cities around the world struggle with how to reach out and help street youth. In London, a local ad agency teamed up with Depaul […]

ian stevenson artwork that reads this is graffiti

Ian Stevenson Bio

People in London have probably been chuckling on their travels for a few years now, and that’s in part thanks to Ian Stevenson. The Leicester-born graffiti artist has been tagging spots all over England with his own unique brand of political protest. But one Londoner in particular has been taken with Stevenson’s art, and that […]

hanksy catch me if you can

Hanksy’s Surplus Candy

Most of the world is now more than familiar with Banksy, the English street artist who’s name remains a complete secret. But a few more people are getting to know Hanksy, an American-born artist who has a deep love of puns. And while no one is going to say he’s making as political an impact […]

museum of public art website

Museum of Public Art

In the state of Louisiana, on the banks of the historic Mississippi River, lies the city of Baton Rouge. It’s a city steeped in culture and history that’s often overshadowed by it’s much louder, more popular Louisiana metropolis New Orleans. But it is here that a small nonprofit museum has been established to celebrate the […]

augusto esquivel sitting next to his art

Bio: Augusto Esquivel

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1976, Augusto Esquivel is a sculptor who, in his own words, is “obsessed with comparisons of reality and potential and the balance between them, in art: the idea of chaos in perfect order: an object seemingly solid to the eye can also be fragile and inconsistent to the touch.” […]

hyde & seek working on a new art piece

Hyde & Seek

In a small town in Bowden, Australia, a collaborative street art team is growing at an alarming rate. They’re known for not sitting still, media-wise, and coming up with striking new works from materials as varied as coloured cups, toy soldiers, and yes, even chewing gum. Like many street artists today, Hyde & Seek are […]

Sargy Mann

Sargy Mann: A Blind Painter Who’s Changing the Way We All See Painting

There are many examples of people with disabilities who showed extraordinary talent. Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, both extremely gifted musicians who were also blind are just a couple of examples. And while we often think that sight is required for many activities, we see time and time again that people with visual impairments can […]

animated mural art aerial photograph

INSA and a Small Army of Painters Made the World’s Biggest GIF

Even with street art, we often think of painting as capturing some sort of singular moment or idea. It stands still. It can reference something coming or look backwards to something that happened, it can be erased or added to, but it always stays still. This, along with many, many other assumptions, is something INSA […]