Feast Signage – 2014

Signage painted inside of Feast restaurant located at 881 Queen Street W in Toronto.


Founded by Steven Harmer, Chief Executive Officer of Feast, it is a company dealing in food delivery. Feast gives a new way of providing healthy meals to people, right where they are. As the CEO says, Feast was created to give people healthy options to Take-outs and delivery food. Feast alternatives are way better than what someone would make in a hurry or order. The menus it provides have the entire family considered. Feast chefs are keen to look for local recipes from local cooks. They consider each local season using what foods come with them. As such, the menus are a testimony of the community’s local foods.

Feast Kitchen

Feast’s first kitchen space is located at 4 Gilead Place in Cork town. The culinary team carefully picked this kitchen place after a long search. The place is unique and well featured to fit the Feast delivery model. The place was initially owned by Jamie Kennedy who ran The Gilead Café. The owner pointed out that Feast upheld his core principles in hospitality although it is not a restaurant like his. He is excited, as other Feast customers, to see how Feast will slowly help evolve dining in Toronto.

Bike Delivery Service

Feast’s first delivery team is composed of bike riders. These are enthusiastic riders who share similar food delivery values and goals of world class service to Feast customers just like Feast founder. They are driven to deliver food through whatever weather.  Feast bikes won’t be held up in traffic or in any way add to the existing congestion on roads or the increasing case of air pollution. These bikes are well designed and among the best for their work. They are not only fast but also easy to handle. Able to use slip roads and all manner of laneways, these cargo bikes will deliver your meal on time even during rush hour.

Affordable cost

Unlike other food delivery services, Feast does not charge delivery fees. This gives them a huge advantage over their competitors. Since it is located in a very populated area, Feast can make very many deliveries in a day. The more deliveries made, the less costly it gets for them. Since Feast has its kitchen and delivery people, management, coordination, and organization is easy and also not costly. Also, since their delivery is done through cargo bikes and electric vehicles, Feast does not incur a lot of maintenance cost like their rivals. All these factors contribute to Feast not charging any delivery fee making them the most convenient deliverers of food.

Feasts go

This is a service developed by Feast to deliver people where they want to go. Since the fast cargo bikes have proven very efficient in food delivery, the cargo space can be used to carry a person. An app, Feast go helps you contact the nearest Feast bike. This new service helps people save not only money but also time.