Linda Ing

Linda Ing Wall Mural – 2014

Linda Ing had us paint this promotional wall mural to showcase her Real Estate brand.


Linda Ing offers a myriad of housing services to clients including market evaluation, home staging, home evaluation and market updates. Linda Ing is owned by Linda Gilbert who is a sales representative for Re/Max Hallmark Realty and Brokerage.

Linda joined the real estate business in 2005 and is a full-time professional agent. She is equipped with all the necessary skills and experience that you need to make your next purchase easy and affordable. When you have a house that you need to sell, call Linda Ing and get the best home evaluation that will guarantee you sell your home above the asking price.

The sale process at Linda Ing includes printing out brochures that give detailed information on your house including pictures. Multiple listings to reach a wider market, agent open houses to show the agents what your home offers and the condition that it is in and also public open houses where agents and buyers alike are welcome to view your house.

History And About Re/Max

Re/Max hallmark is a realty founded in 1981 and stands on three main guiding principles that have ensured Re/Max remains at the top of the real estate industry, knowing all the market trends and staying ahead of the business.

The principles are to help you build your business with state of the art technology. The team at Re/Max ensures that each client is able to drive their career and scale new heights. The realty also helps in growing the real estate industry and give great care to everyone that works with the realty. The third principle is that Re/Max strives to make a difference in the community by engaging in initiatives that bring about positive change.

Re/Max aims to help you grow your business and safeguard the industry at the same time. Over the years, it has managed to be actively involved in all the activities of the communities and the businesses they serve, ensuring that everyone has reached their greatest potential.

Re/Max has many offices all over the country which helps bring their services closer to the people and provide hands on training while still getting involved in initiatives in the community.

Interesting Facts About Real Estate In Toronto

Real estate in Toronto is the fastest growing industry that has proved unstoppable. Here are some interesting facts about real estate in Toronto.

  1. The average price for a condo in Toronto has grown 50% more in just five years.
  2. The average price for a detached home has reached $1 million and keeps on rising.
  • There are more than 56000 condos under construction in Toronto which is a very large number compared to what is built in other countries and areas