Stark Fitness

Stark Fitness Signage – 2015

Custom painted signage for Stark Fitness, a fitness gym located on Gerrard St East.


Stark fitness is here to offer you a better way of remaining fit and healthy at minimal stress. Stark fitness invites all to train with us and recommends a meet up before you sign up for any of the services offered. It is imperative that you the client get the best services and training for your body. It is important to think outside the box when it comes to training and engaging your body in different exercises.

The first step to successful workouts and remaining fit is to set goals. Set your weight and body goals and work at achieving them. Stark fitness will take you through the training and more ways of achieving your goals even faster.

Stark fitness advocates and encourages clients to train their weaknesses. Turn your weakness into a strength. It can be done best by training in a team which is an option available at Stark fitness. Stark fitness not only offers team training but also gives private training, nutritional advice and restoration services.

Clients who have worked with stark fitness tell of their success stories in a matter of months. Schedule a consultation with Stark fitness so that you can enroll in the most suitable workout program for your body. Stark fitness maximizes on the bodies movement to give you the best training for your body.


Stark fitness is at 2209 Gerrard St East that is known as upper beaches. The name is a reference to the north beaches of Toronto, and the western part is Norway. The area is between Danforth and Victoria Park which makes up the larger areas of East Toronto. The area has seen significant changes over time and keeps growing and evolving with changing times to become an industrial zone. Roads are connecting the area making it a good spot for business.


Strength training requires strength and conditioning coach whose primary job is to ensure that the client gets the kind of training that best suits their body. Strength and conditioning coaches can work with teams and can specialize in different types of training and sports.

Strength training is an effective way of attaining your set body goals quickly and ensuring that you stick to the training program that you choose. Strength training improves the performance of a player. It is the kind of training that football players and other athletes engage in daily.

It is important that before engaging in strength training, you are sure that you qualify while also making sure that your coach for the training is adequately trained and qualified to coach.