Zebra Paper Converters Inc

Zebra Paper Converters Inc. – Signage – 2013

This sign was hand painted on a three boards to be used in a kiosk setup.

Zebra Paper Packaging

Three young entrepreneurs in their twenties i.e. David Rosen, Darryn Coben and David Klass teamed up and launched Zebra Paper Converters in 2003. Having backgrounds in sales, marketing and finance and great passion and creativity, the trio used this as a stepping stone and brought a new and appealing twist to the rather ordinary and stagnant industry. The company has grown over the years to become one of North America’s leading experts in design and production of paperboard and chipboard packaging solutions. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, the company has expanded its services to other markets including Quebec, Maritimes and Eastern United States.

Zebra Paper Converters has an effective response to customer needs through its wide selection of paperboard and chipboard grades, products and wholesale packaging solutions. The paperboard grades are available in a range of thickness and stocked in such a way that there is greater flexibility in sizes and quantities required. They are strong innovators in the paperboard and chipboard industry of the Canadian market and offer highly sustainable and eco-friendly services due to their recycled and recyclable products.

Their products include;

Custom folding boxes and cardboard cartons: The EASY FOLD WRAPS have redefined packaging due to their capability to accommodate multiple depth heights and provide satisfactory protection while shipping your products. Gift boxes and promotional packaging needs can be easily met using their GekkoPack Smash Proof Cartons which have triple wall sides and double wall front and bottom panels. Besides, these cartons are fully customizable.

Rigid mailers and cardboard envelopes: Zebra mailers are availed with custom colour printing or as plain cardboard envelopes. They come with unique design and unmatched security. Convenience is enhanced through ease of use and an assortment of styles that makes it easy for customers to get exactly what they need. The mailers give an environment friendly and sustainable packaging solution as they come with recyclable options.

Protective cardboard packaging and padding: Protective packaging is availed by Zebra Paper through various efficient products including pallet liners, padding, slip shits and anti-slip products. They are available in a wide range of thickness and grades. Pallet liners offer good protection against damage to finished products throughout transportation, giving perfect stability on skid load. To ensure your products are packaged and shipped safely, Zebra Paper also produces padding boards/stiffeners/interleafs which come in any size and quantity according to your packaging needs. Their slip sheets are great for forklift transportation and are more effective as compared to the conventional wooden pallets. They are advantageous in that they cut distribution costs because they are cheaper than the pallets, ensure no injuries due to splinters from wooden pallets and are 100% recyclable which eventually saves on pallet disposal costs, to say the least.

Zebra Paper anti-slip sheets are efficient for use in a manufacturing plant or during transportation of products. The sheets offer great performance in both machine suction and hand applications which will definitely increase plant efficiency due to safe and quick movement of products. They are satisfactory when it comes to the need for secure and slip free loads and are also 100% recyclable. Additional protective packaging like shrink wrapping is not necessary if the sheets are already in use, which makes it a one stop solution.