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Custom Advertising & Marketing Murals

An advertising mural is a fantastic way to get people to notice your business, both in person and online. Even mega-corporations are now using murals in their advertisements because murals are a creative and fun marketing tool that get lots of likes and shares on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

A marketing mural for your business will really make your business stand out from the other businesses that are the block. And when you use images of your mural in a social media campaign your customers from all over the city will know exactly where to go to find your business by looking for the mural.

Unique Art That Gets Your Advertising Mural Noticed

When your business is just one of many on a block it’s difficult for customers to spot your business or know from the outside what your business is all about. Vinyl signs work sometimes but they are expensive and need to be replaced often because they can fade, crack and rip. A piece of bright and colorful art splashed across your building will draw the attention of anyone that comes by. And it will add color and a unique personality to the neighborhood.

Murals And Social Media

Social media is a huge part of marketing these days. Every business that wants to be successful needs to be using social media. But having interesting and eye-catching things to post is critically important to being successful at using social media to market your business. A hand painted mural is the ideal thing to use in a social media marketing campaign. High-quality photos of the unique art mural on your building used with the right hashtags can be shared and seen by millions of people. And that can result in a lot of new business for you. There are many murals Toronto businesses have had painted that contributed to their bottom-line.

Marketing Mural Is A Great Investment

When you compare the cost of a print ad campaign to the cost of having a advertising mural made the cost of the mural is a much better investment in your business. A one time fee for a gorgeous work of art that will advertise your business is a better use of your marketing dollars than paying for a print ad campaign that maybe will see. Wall murals are a long-lasting constant advertisement for your business that will appeal to people in the neighborhood and on social media.

How It Works

When you decide that you want to go ahead and try a custom painted marketing mural to advertise your business one of our design consultants will meet with you to talk about what kind of design you want on your mural. We can incorporate your business logo, custom colors, and any other branded images that you want to have included. Our design team will work off of your design if you already have a clear idea of what you want your mural to look like or they can put their heads together and come up with a unique design just for you. Our design team members have decades of experience in fine art, construction, and other disciples so that your mural will be a cohesive and artistic representation of your business.

After a design is created you will have the chance to approve it. If you like the design then the team will move forward setting up the installation and painting of the mural. If you don’t like it they will go back to the drawing board to create a new design. They will keep working until you are excited about the design they create and eager to get it painted on your business wall.

All of our murals are hand painted, either freehand or using stencils. This takes a little extra time but we know that when it comes to custom wall mural design those personal touches like hand painting matter. Because all of our murals are hand painted we can scale and add any personal images, logos, or brand marks for your business into the mural.

And don’t worry if your business is in a high traffic area or on a busy street. Our artists and contractors will work around the schedule of your business so that you won’t need to close in the middle of a busy day or lose customers because of the work being done.

And when your mural is finished you will have a gorgeous piece of custom art that is social media ready so you can start sharing it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media sites. A mural is a creative and innovative way to get your business noticed by potential customers and to keep the customers that already like your business coming back again and again.

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