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Advertising & Marketing Signs

Advertising and marketing signs are critically important to any business. Even though it might seem like these days people do most of their shopping online that’s not really the case. A study commissioned by Fed Ex found that 50% of the 500 businesses surveyed still relied on advertising and marketing signs to bring in customers. And many customers were finding those businesses because of their unique signs including storefront signs.

Custom made unique advertising and marketing signs are still an essential part of marketing for businesses. Our talented team of artists and designers can create personalized and custom made signs for your business that will make your business more memorable and help customers find your business.

front of lcbo featuring hand-painted sign

Example of advertising signage outside of an LCBO in Toronto.

Why Custom Advertising Signs Are The Best

Custom signs for marketing and advertising are the best type of advertising for your business because a custom design means that your business philosophy, brand, and character will be represented in the design of the sign. That sign will tell anyone who looks at is what your business is all about. If you are trying to attract a younger and more tech-friendly customer your sign should be edgy and have lots of modern design elements.

But if you are trying to attract customers that are a little more diverse a classic sign with simple and elegant design elements would be the best choice. Or, if you want to infuse a little whimsy into your business, our team can create a whimsical sign that will reflect the lighter side of your business. Marketing signage can really help you make a lasting impression.

What Makes A Great Marketing Sign?

A great sign needs to be memorable. It can be a unique shape, or have a special font, or have a really striking colour palette. There are dozens of ways that advertising and marketing signs can be made to really stand out from the crowd. But the elements of good design never change. Good design should reflect the personality of the business that the sign represents. The images should be clear and sized perfectly.

The font and colours should match the branding of the business. And the sign should be inviting to anyone that sees it. Our signs are unique but they always are based on good design. That’s because we have the best local team of designers and artists who work together to create a unique work of art every time they make a sign. Working together they are able to combine fine art and graphic design skills to create signs that really stand out.

Reflect Your Branding With The Right Sign

When you are having custom advertising and marketing signs created it’s important that those signs reflect your branding. The colours that are used in the sign, as well as the font or the lettering that are used on the signs, will become part of the image that people have of your business.

If you already have a special colour or font that you use as part of the branding for your business our design team will be happy to work with that colour palette or with that font to create a unique sign for your business that will highlight those unique elements that are special to your business. Our graphic designers can also resize a logo or an image that you want to use as part of your brand and make sure that it is given a place of prominence in the design for your marketing signs.

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of talented and experienced artists in the local area to head up the design and creation of our marketing and advertising signs. Our team members have educational backgrounds in fine arts, printmaking, and graphic design so that together they have the skills to really think outside the box and come up with some fantastic and unusual designs for our clients.

If you have a design that you want to represent your business our artistic team can develop that idea and adapt it so that it looks great on marketing and advertising signs. If you don’t have a theme or a design already our team members will ask you some questions and come up with several unique designs that you can choose from. They will also take your ideas and suggestions into account when creating a design. It’s a collaborative process designed to make sure that you get a design that you are happy with.

Find Out More

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