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Artist Spotlight: Rob ‘The Original’ Ferrel

By August 9, 2017No Comments

Rob Ferrel a.k.a Rob ‘The Original’ is a master barber who will blow your mind away with his artistic touch and amazing eye for detail in all matters hair; he is mostly known for his life-like hair designs. He is based in San Antonio, Texas where he owns and operates his own barbershop.


Rob ‘The Original’ is originally from Los Angeles, California. It was ten years ago that he started engraving portraits into people’s hair and going by the love that he is receiving, it comes as no surprise that his passion has turned into a lucrative career.

Rob started by cutting some pretty good zigzag lines and stars into kids’ haircuts and this impressed his peers. It was only a matter of time before people began asking for drawings from the young artist. He took time to learn his own style with the buzzer and scissors before he eventually became a master of his craft.

Rob practiced drawing from a tender age because he always saw himself as an artist; however, he would later learn some professional barber skills. He might not have planned to be a barber but, it is the combination of both his skills that would make him stand out. It was while he was in San Antonio that he pioneered “hair art” which can include portraits, complex designs and simple fades. Rob the Original has changed the way we look at haircuts and the job of a barber because he simply doesn’t limit himself to the boundaries of normal barber.

More than just a skilled barber, Rob the Original is a revolutionary hair artist who is shaping the hair cuts of the future.

Trademark Style

Rob the original has managed to build a niche for himself by mastering the art of haircuts that are more original than others. He is renowned for creatively using people’s hair and scalp as his canvas to create hair portraits. He also does portraits and cool designs using colors in his cuts.

Most of Rob’s hair portraits are influenced by special occasions and sporting events. These works of art are definitely meant to draw attention; the kind of body art that may get the wearer on television.


As if that isn’t enough, Rob the original’s love for art doesn’t stop there. He creates art using dust on cars, wood stain, salt and other things; he is constantly expanding his portfolio to see how far his talents can take him. This guy simply sees art in everything around us.

Online success

Rob has amassed a huge online following; he is particularly big on Instagram where he has over 70,000 followers.

The hair artist has been hitting headlines for his remarkable designs of Spurs and other celebrities using everything from ketchup, salt and hair. Notably, Rob’s depiction of Adele, drawn in Whataburger ketchup was recently featured on E Online.

Some cool designs

One of Rob’s masterpieces is a Tupac Shakur hair cut; perhaps even better a Tupac pancake.

Another popular one is a drake portrait made from hair on the floor.

He even did a Mayweather vs Canello haircut back in the day.

Rob also carved Hillary Clinton  on a 70-year-old man during the 2016 US presidential campaign period.


Renowned San Antonio Barber

Rob is by far the most renowned barber in San Antonio, if not the nation, he stands for unparalleled skill, talent and professionalism. Rob The Original barbershop is a “must stop” if you are into barber shops. This place definitely has a “vibe” and it goes without saying that Rob’s work simply sells itself.

Having been featured on ESPN,, and other prominent media platforms, Rob the original has emerged as a force to reckon with and a shining example of what makes San Antonio unique.