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Mimi Choi Optical Illusion with Face Art

By June 7, 2018No Comments

It is interesting that artist bloom at different stages in their lives. Some discover their gifts at a young age and some at the prime of their lives. Mimi Choi happened to pop in the scene in her 30’s taking makeup artistry to a whole new level.

The Vancouver based native creates optical illusions that would make you question your sanity. At times people are relentless that the image before them was photoshopped. None the least true because she creates all her works by her own hand.

We have seen the kind of transformation that makeup can do but Mimi Choi takes it to a whole new scale. She doesn’t paint conventional pieces on her face, she prefers 3D drawings that give an optical illusion of multiplying or almost surreal-like structures.


The girl who only needs mink lashes and lip balm on her downtime were not sure if doing optical illusion with makeup would be a road shed be interested in professionally.

Mimi Choi has an interesting story on how she stumbled into the makeup world. She had a passion for teaching and she enjoyed her work but sometimes life just hands you other playing cards without notice. She needed something new in her life and makeup was it.

With an idea in her head, she enrolled to Blanche McDonald and started getting lessons. She messed around with a few ideas but in reality, she didn’t take it too seriously. One sweet Halloween season she decided to try something just to test the waters. She didn’t know it then but that was how she made a debut to the world.

The picture that so many took notice of was the cracked face. The picture went viral and Mimi Choi found herself with a barrage of questions. Both believers and unbelievers of Photoshop use marvelled at the creations. She says “It was my first-ever creative makeup and, when I posted the image on Instagram, lots of people liked, reposted and shared it. That surprised me and motivated me to keep exploring and improving on this style even though it was uncommon at the time.”

Her mother supported her and encouraged her to make the career change. Finally, she quit being a teacher and dove into the profession both feet in. From then until now, she has acquired a loyal fan base all over the world. Her work gets noteworthy attention in all social media platforms and newspaper houses.


As millions of people battle with anxiety and sleep paralysis, Mimi Choi has found a way to deal with hers. Her optical illusion pieces are what she uses to express herself. To the world, some of the images may stir difficult emotions due to their bizarreness but to the art world, her pieces are genius. She finds inspiration from everyday life. Whether it is fish in a pond or the pattern on a woman’s jacket, Mimi Choi will use it to create a sensational piece.

All that work was not in vain, as she has gotten opportunities many people dream of. She has worked with makeup giants MAC and also electronic manufacturers Samsung. Her skill doesn’t require the regular brushes people use, she uses paintbrushes so as to define more carefully.

She never stops working on her Instagram and she posts frequently. Since she does not use canvas, you won’t find her work in the gallery. Instagram happens to be her own gallery. She posts both videos and pictures of her complete works.

She insists that she is not one to follow a routine and repeat a piece. She wants to grow and be able to create original pieces daily. She looks at other artists work but she does not make it a habit.

Mimi Choi is certainly not a one-trick-pony. She has many cards up her sleeves that many people won’t see coming.  She is not only known for scary optical illusions but also elegant makeup for brides. Her limits are yet to be defined.

With only a few years in, we can’t wait to see what Mimi Choi pulls out of her magical hat. We will just remain glued to our phones waiting for her next piece of work.