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Montana Cans

Montana Cans was founded back in 1995, the spray paint brand has been making large strides in the art scene by creating quality products. The brand’s founders and workers have a deep connection in the art world as some of them are still practising artists. Created by and used by artists, the Montana Cans brand […]

Tim Bengel Does Things Differently

Meet Tim Bengel! A young German artist who has found love in sand and gold. Driven by a curiosity for art that began as early as nine years and fueled by the determination to try something different, Bengel set out to turn away from the confines of conventional art. Many artists paint with watercolor or […]

Mona Caron, Mural Artist

To many homeowners, weeds are some of the most unsightly plants in their gardens. They are unwelcome and every time they are seen, a form of weed killer is pulled from the store to destroy them. Unfortunately, they keep coming back. Others are so strong that they sprout through the cracks of pavement and sidewalks. […]

Wallspot – The Legal Walls Management System

Wallspot is an organization and a system whose primary role is to manage legal walls, which are used for artistic interventions, where the public space has used as a means for creation. If you’ve wondered if such walls can be managed, then Wallspot answers that question since they offer a great solution. Wallspot Origin and […]

Mural Painting Robot

Robots do a whole lot of activities previously done only by humans. From car assembling to actual driving, farming to bartending, robots have now more than ever taken much of the work that people used to do on their shoulders. Most importantly, these machines are more efficient than us, cutting a large chunk of the […]

Mike Meyer, Traditional Sign Painter

Computers are lovely but they have taken over some of the traditional crafts that took time to create to perfection. One such industry is the sign painting industry. Beautiful and decorative signs made by hand are rare to see nowadays. There those of us however who are trying to keep the skill alive. Mike Meyer […]

Tavar Zawacki

The dynamic world of graffiti births geniuses every day from every nook and cranny of the world. Tavar Zawacki could not escape the call into the art world. By birth, he was already surrounded by art being born from hipster parents. Born in the 80’s, there were a lot of influences to be unique and […]

Mimi Choi Optical Illusion with Face Art

It is interesting that artist bloom at different stages in their lives. Some discover their gifts at a young age and some at the prime of their lives. Mimi Choi happened to pop in the scene in her 30’s taking makeup artistry to a whole new level. The Vancouver based native creates optical illusions that […]

Patrick Tresset, Makes Art with Computer Robot Drawings

Life does not always work out the way we plan just ask Patrick Tresset. You think you want something and when you are immersed in it, you find that your interest lost. In his life, art and science have never been apart. The French artist started tinkering with computers from a young age. When the […]