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How UP Here Festival Transformed Sudbury

In August 2016, Up Here made a comeback to Sudbury, Canada with the aim of rebranding the city. The pollution-stricken downtown city of Canada had long been the centre of criticism from outsiders and Up Here was out to refine that notion. A city formerly nicknamed ‘the asshole of Canada’ by the locals was set […]

Ostendstrasse Metro Mural – 6,600 m2 Mural in Frankfurt, Germany

Murals have the power to transform a community. They unite people and teach them about their culture plus their origins. Issues like inequality, violence, unemployment among others are well expressed by murals because of the long-lasting effect. It’s hard to ignore a large painting on a wall somewhere in the street even if it’s been […]

Artist Bio: Sten & Lex

Stencilling is one of graffiti’s most popular methods, raising to new heights thanks to Banksy, but Banksy was hardly the first person to use stencils in their street art. The technique has been popular in street art for decades for a couple of reasons. First, it cuts down the actual amount of time painting the […]

HKwalls Festival Paints Hong Kong with New Murals

Hong Kong is one of the world’s most modern cities, a place of great technological advancement, financial importance, and artistic development. As an independent city-state, it has made a name for itself on the world stage in many different areas, including the arts. For muralists and street artists, Hong Kong represents an exciting place to […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Kimye and Murals

Earlier this year in the quiet city of Chippendale, Australia, a mural appeared that made headlines around the world. The piece, created by Australian street artist Scott Marsh, was a recreation of a meme that circulated around the internet the previous year. The meme, and the subsequent mural, depicted Kanye West kissing his wife Kim […]

The Wall of Love

We all grieve in different ways. Some isolate themselves. Others seek out people with whom to grieve. Some turn their pain into anger, others into compassion. Certainly in the wake of tragedy, there are plenty of ways to seek solace. We have spent a lot of time on this blog talking about how street art […]

Wonderwalls Festival

For the past few years, in the Australian town of Wollongong, a festival has been occurring. It happens in the region’s springtime, or more accurately, in early October, just as the weather is warming up from the winter months and just before the slightly rainier season starts to get underway. It’s the perfect time for […]

Artist Spotlight: Bordalo II

Found object art has a long, rich and deep history. It’s arguably the oldest form of art we have, dating back to when ancient humans found simple instruments or pieces of nature and turned them into things of symbolic importance. The idea, at its heart, is about using what you find, not what you buy. […]

This Is Colossal: A Website for Artists

When it comes to art, there are a seemingly endless amount of web content for almost anything. Social media and other instant access platforms let artists connect to fans and consumers in ways that were previously unimagined. And in an age that seems to bring artists and their audiences closer together, especially as public art […]

Malta Street Art Festival

The small island nation of Malta is famous for many, many things. It has long been a favourite destination of tourists, with its warm climate, cool ocean breeze, and beautiful scenery. It’s been a favourite place for other nations to take over as well, given its favourable location, and has been occupied by almost all […]