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Hula Bio

Graffiti has a long history of being done in precarious places. In New York, street artists have climbed higher and higher to avoid clean up crews, often climbing twenty stories and painting with ropes and harnesses to covey their message to the world. In parts of Nevada, billboard vandals climb fences and scale tall poles […]

Indecline Renders The World’s Largest Illegal Graffiti

In Nevada, a mannequin in a business suit hangs from the side of a billboard in a classic noose. The billboard reads “Dying for Work” in all-caps. Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the country. In Utah, a billboard for the National Alliance, a white nationalist, anti-semitic, and white separatist political organization, was vandalized. […]


Some people hate the rain. It casts a gloomy, grey shadow over their day, makes them run from place to place, and generally gives them a gross, squishy feeling in their shoes. But for Peregrine Church, rain is just another opportunity to make the world a better place. The Seattle-based artist was browsing the internet […]

Maya Hayuk Bio

Most of the bios we’ve put up on this blog have been about male artists, which is not a huge surprise. Many of the world’s greatest and most influential street artists in the world have been men, and many male artists are still pushing the medium forward in new and dynamic ways every single day. […]

Ian Stevenson Bio

People in London have probably been chuckling on their travels for a few years now, and that’s in part thanks to Ian Stevenson. The Leicester-born graffiti artist has been tagging spots all over England with his own unique brand of political protest. But one Londoner in particular has been taken with Stevenson’s art, and that […]

2014 Roskilde Graffiti Camp

For a graffiti artist, there’s little better than friends, paint, and an endless supply of surfaces to write on. It taps into everything that makes street art great: companionship, artistic collaboration, limitless potential, and, naturally, fun. Nothing quite makes street art as good as doing it with people and getting plenty of space to do […]

Don Valley Parkway Rainbow Painting Fetches Millions

For many people caught in traffic on Toronto’s notorious Don Valley Parkway, the Rainbow Tunnel is a welcome break. The tunnel’s entrance is painted in a bright rainbow pattern that’s been shining bright for over 40 years and has become one of the staples of the area. Many people have featured it in their photography […]

The World’s Tallest Mural, A Mural Seen From Miles Away

We just can’t get enough of the world’s tallest mural, located in our very own City of Toronto. We traveled across the city, snapping up shots wherever we could, in an effort to illustrate just how far away you can see this mural. Our photo shoot even took us to the Gardiner highway. However, this […]