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India’s Truck Art Finally Gets the Documentary it Deserves

When The Beatles came back from their famous trip to India, they brought back a certain “psychedelic” sensibility. You can here the psychedelia in many of their songs, especially in sitar-heavy songs like “Tomorrow Never Knows” from Revolver. But John, Paul, George, and Ringo didn’t just bring Indian music back from India. If you look […]

Zenyk Palagniuk – Thread Art

When we think of street art or portraits, we usually think of one medium: paint. Sure, there are hundreds of materials you can use to create art anywhere, from rocks to spray paint to almost anything else. But one type of material we often don’t think of when it comes to portraiture is nails and […]

Sea Walls – Murals for Oceans

Public art can serve many different functions. It can help raise awareness about certain issues, beautify a space, claim an area, or even make a bold political statement about a subject about which the artist deeply cares. These are all amazing reasons to participate in and make art in a public setting, and there’s one […]

Michael Grab aka Gravity Glue

While we focus on painters a lot on this blog, this is only one form of public art. There are an incredible number of mediums out there that all contribute to the art we see on an everyday basis, from sculpture to topiary (hedge trimming art) to, in the case of this week’s featured artist, […]

Artist Bio: DAIM

There are few graffiti artists with the acclaim, success, and widespread recognition like DAIM. This German graffiti artist rose to prominence in the nineties and has since been on the cutting edge of graffiti and street art. Widely recognized as the man who popularized the 3-D art style of graffiti, his work is often replicated […]


Hawaii is a beautiful place, that much goes without saying, but much of Hawaii’s beauty is focused on its natural landscapes, not its thriving art scene. This is a true shame because Hawaii has two important facets that make for an interesting and radical art scene: a native population with its own artistic history and […]

Perceptions by eL Seed

Here at MuralForm, we often talk about beautification and street art. Murals and public art has long been seen for its utility. That is, public art’s ability to make a place that needs a facelift a little better looking. Some street art accomplishes this in spades, but that’s really only part of what we mean […]

Reverse Graffiti

Graffiti is often seen in the eyes of the public as a sort of pollution. It’s an old way to approach this longtime art form, especially since we’ve now had decades of brilliant artists proving how much worth graffiti has on a population, but the stigma still exists. Some see ti as a form of […]

Artist Sues Detroit for Mural Protection

Detroit has long been known as a city with some fight in it. Whether it’s the blue collar reputation it received in its automotive heyday, the prominent music scenes that emerged from it over the decades, or the people who refuse to leave even now, when the city’s bankruptcy has made it more decay than […]

The City of Gold Urban Art Festival

Johannesburg, South Africa is a city with a long, complicated, and varied history. As the country’s capital in various regards throughout the country’s history, it has been everything from a lightning rod for troubled race relations to the host of international sports competitions. It has been the site of a country divided and a country […]