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Artist Bio: Lucea Spinelli

Dreams. Light. A world just outside our visual conception. Artists have spent centuries exploring these types of ideas through visual art, looking to the ways we can bring the internal and otherworldly into an experience that resonates with everyone. Each of us, after all, have experiences that aren’t simply about the objective world around us, […]

Website Profile: Bizarre Beyond Belief Magazine

As street art becomes more prevalent, more accepted, and discussed more on the public stage, it’s easy to forget that it’s a place where weird things can happen. Street art began its modern life in alleyways, on the sides of abandoned buildings, and under the cover of darkness. It was something that happened in secret […]

Art Basel Festival

One of the great things about the art world today is how much appreciation and investment it can get in many different forms. While some funding can be difficult, the opportunities to connect people to the art world, and art professionals to other artists, has only grown in the digital age. But just because it’s […]

Artist Bio: Jade

Street art, in many ways, changes from place to place. Not simply in style, since different artists are working in different cities, but in terms of culture, of subject matter, and of what’s depicted. After Los Angeles enacted its infamous street art ban, the city’s street art took a noticeable turn. Styles morphed as artists […]

Street Art Pakistan

Street art is all around us, from faded advertisements of days gone by to giant, beautiful murals created by some of the world’s best artists. They can carry messages of hope and love, spark political discussions, or simply make statements of time and place. Street art can be a source of beauty, of inspiration, and […]

Artist Bio: Ella & Pitr

Great art can often come from great collaboration. The Wachowskis, The Russo Brothers, The Coen Brothers, and many other great team-ups have changed movies, and the same is true within the art world. Street art is almost always collaborative in some regards, too. Even as we spotlight individual artists, many projects are the result of […]

#NotACrime: The Power and Politics of Street Art

Street art is political. At its very core, the idea of painting art in public places with or without the permission of owners and governments, has placed the artform in political territory, often before the spray paint hits the wall. And while street art is increasingly part of regular, lawful modes of artistic expression, it […]

Artist Bio: Martin Ron

There are few places in the world quite like Argentina and Brazil, especially when it comes to street art. The combination of talent, friendly laws, and a rich, varied and vibrant history has given birth to some of the best and brightest talents in the world. Simply walking down the streets of Sao Paulo or […]