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Custom Bar & Nightclub Murals

A bar or nightclub mural are a smart choice for bars and nightclubs because it’s important to create a great ambiance promote your individual brand in a market that is generally pretty crowded. A clever mural design lets customers know exactly what your bar or nightclub’s niche is as soon as they walk in the door. And a beautiful, creative, and fun bar mural sets the right mood and tone to get people in the mood to eat, drink and have fun.

We’ll Make Your Nightclub Mural Stand Out

When you’re trying to promote a bar or nightclub creativity matters. Your business needs something special that will make people remember it and want to come back. Hiring painters with mural design skills is important to have the ideal design. A creative design is the right way to get the attention of customers and impress them. A hand-painted mural could represent some aspect of the business, like a map of the U.K. for an old world style tavern. Or it could represent the type of customers that you want to attract. Or it could represent the type of music and culture that can be found in the bar or nightclub. Graffiti mural or other clever wall mural idea will be very important.

For businesses in a fun and potentially creative niche like bars and nightclubs, there are many different types of murals that would create the right atmosphere and get people talking about your business.

Social Media Friendly

A beautiful custom mural is also a great way to make your establishment more social media friendly. When you invest in a custom mural you are giving patrons a reason to stop in and take selfies with the mural and post them on social media. That will increase the interest in your business and get people to come in just to see the mural in person or have their photo taken with it. You can even create a special hashtag with the name of your business and the mural and create a challenge to get people to come in, take a selfie, and post it to social media.

A unique mural is a great talking point and makes for great shareable social media posts.

Bring Your Bar Mural Concept To Life

If you have some ideas in mind that you’d like to see put into the mural our talented design team can do that for you. They can work with images that you already have or draw some new ones for you. And if you have certain colors that you want to be used in the mural or certain types of paint they can do that too. A lot of nightclub owners like to have murals done in light reactive paint and glow in the dark paint so that they really stand out in the dark interior of the club. Even if you think that your idea seems unusual or out of the box if there is a way to make it happen our design team will make it happen for you.

And don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas yet. There’s no pressure on you to come up with designs. If you don’t have anything in mind our fine artists and designers will create a custom unique design just for your business. After talking with you about your vision for your nightclub or bar and what types of elements you want to be worked into the mural like a logo or a certain image our team will come up with a truly original piece of art for you.

Only The Best Staff

We have a design team that is made up of people with backgrounds in many different areas. That’s because we know that putting a mural into place takes more than just a very talented artist. A construction expert is on hand to make sure the installation of the mural goes the way it should. And a designer will work with the team too in order to make sure that you get plenty of great original designs to choose from. We know that the most creative work comes from a great team and not just one person.


The cost of a custom mural for a nightclub or bar varies on several factors including the size of the mural and how complicated the design of the mural is. But a custom mural is a great investment for advertising and marketing purposes. When you put your advertising and marketing money into a custom mural you are creating a piece of art that will stay beautiful and represent your business for years.

So call today to find out more about a custom mural for your business. One of our design team specialists will be happy to answer your questions and give you a quote for a custom mural for your nightclub or bar. We can also do multiple murals for the same establishment so if you want to have several custom murals created for your business we can design murals that are similar in theme but unique.

We paint nightclub & bar murals of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.