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Bar & Nightclub Signs

A custom sign is an important part of creating a brand for your bar or nightclub. The image that bar and nightclub signs convey tells people what the theme of the bar or nightclub is and what type of atmosphere the bar or nightclub has. Our design team has years of experience creating flashy and artistic custom bar and nightclub signs and they can work with you to create the perfect sign design for your nightclub or bar.

Whether you are looking for a sign that is simple and classic for a pub style bar or something that is cutting edge for a high tech and high energy dance club our artistic sign design team has the ideas and the expertise to create something amazing for you.

What Makes A Great Bar And Nightclub Sign Design

When it comes to designing a great sign for a bar or nightclub the theme of the business is very important. When customers look at the sign that sign should tell them what they can expect inside. A country and western bar should have a sign that reflects country and western design like the sign being made of wood, with brown and earth tones, and maybe cowboy boots or hats worked into the design.

A classic pub should have a sign done in traditional colours with typical pub style lettering. And a tiki bar should have a bright and flashy design to let people know that inside the bar is all about the tiki experience.

A great looking sign is important for your bar or nightclub because it’s that sign that will make people decide if they want to come in or not. People will pick up clues from the sign about what type of place the bar is and then decide if it’s the kind of place they want to go. Your sign is probably the most important part of the bar’s advertising because the sign is ultimately what will get people to walk through the doors.

That’s why having a sign that unique and interesting is so important. Our design team knows that your business is going to be directly impacted by the sign that you choose and they will work with you to be sure that the sign is fantastic.

Materials And Finishes

There is a huge range of materials that you can choose for bar and nightclub signs. There are no rules when it comes to creating a sign for a fun business like a bar or nightclub. You can use unusual materials, signs cut into unusual shapes, or found objects. Custom artwork is a must for bar and nightclub signs and some business owners like to use elements like LED lighting, metal finishing, and other modern design pieces to create the perfect look for the sign for a bar or nightclub.

Unique Art

The art that you use for your bar or nightclub sign can be a little more unique and outside the box than signs for other businesses since bars and nightclubs are supposed to be more fun and open than other types of businesses. You might want to incorporate neon letters or images into your sign or have some other kind of light up element. Our design team has done a lot of work with signs and banners that are outside the usual and they can work with you to incorporate all kinds of unique art into your bar or nightclub sign.

If you have imagery that you want to use but it’s the wrong size our graphic designers can take the images that you have and change the size professionally so that there is no blurriness or pixelation.

High Tech

If you are looking for a sign that is going to appeal to Millennials or other modern design fans you should incorporate some technology into your sign. LED lights, a touch screen, and other elements can all be included in a sign design done by our talented art and design team members.

Bring all of your ideas, even the ones that seem a little out there, and our art team will work with you to create something totally unique that has the latest technology reflected in the design. That will let your patrons know that your business is a place for the young and the tech-savvy who are looking got to hang out and get a drink.

Our Artistic Team

We have a fantastic group of local designers and artists who have years of experience creating bar and nightclub signs as well as signs and banners of other types. They also have advanced educations in fine art, graphic design, and other areas that help them deliver consistent high-quality sign art for all the local businesses.

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