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Custom Bathroom Murals

If you have an office or shop where customers and clients have access to the bathroom adding a custom bathroom mural is a fun way to add some personality and some elegance to the bathroom. Your employees will appreciate it too. A custom mural that is hand painted will make the bathroom look more inviting and is the perfect touch for offices, shops, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. Your customers and clients will remember your business as the place with the fancy bathroom and they will love coming back to grab selfies for social media in front of your bathroom wall mural.

A Bathroom Mural Will Make Your Business or Home Stand out

A unique mural in the bathroom is a clever way to decorate in the bathroom. Vinyl wall murals, photos, and other framed art has a couple of drawbacks when it comes to decorating the bathroom. They can be too generic to make good art and they can make the bathroom look frumpy instead of sophisticated. And they can be a haven for germs, especially if they are not cleaned regularly. But having a custom wall mural installed will solve both problems. A custom mural will be individualized to your business and your taste so it will be anything but generic. And a mural that is painted on the wall and sealed won’t be a haven for germs. It won’t need any maintenance other an occasional cleaning and it’s much more sanitary than a vinyl mural or vinyl wall hanging.

A custom mural allows you to continue the décor of the shop or office or restaurant into the bathroom which also will help with branding and continuity of design. An unexpected burst of color, or a unique pattern or even a nature scape painted in the bathroom will upgrade your bathroom décor and make your business more memorable.

Creating A Design

Trouble coming up with If you have a color palette or a design already in mind our experienced mural design professionals can take your ideas, including your logo or any special colors that you want to use, and craft them into a wall-size mural design that will really enhance your bathroom. One idea is to check out existing an wallpaper mural, we can recreate and expand on the mural design.

If you really don’t have some designs in mind our designers will look at your existing décor, the size of the bathroom, the shape and size of the walls, and taking all of those factors into account they will create a design that they think will suit your business and your bathroom. Don’t worry if you don’t like the first wall mural ideas they come up with, they will continue working with you until they come up with a design that you love and are excited to have on your bathroom wall.

Our Design Team

We hire only the best local artists, designers, and contracting professionals to create, paint, and install the murals that we make. Our painters have extensive fine arts education and are skilled painters who can hand paint almost anything. The graphic designers that we have on staff are fantastic at blending images and creating murals that have interesting themes and cohesive designs that are always scaled to fit perfectly into whatever space is available. They can craft giant murals that are multiple stories high or create stunning pieces of art in small spaces like a bathroom. And they have the help and guidance of our contracting professionals to help them with an installation plan that will make sure that the mural not only looks great but will last for years. Murals require very little maintenance, if any, and may only need a touch up every few years if they are in a place where they are exposed to rough weather like on an exterior shop or business wall.  You won’t find better artists or designers anywhere in the local area and since all of our murals are hand painted originals you will be investing in someone of a kind art as well as branding and marketing for your business.

Let’s Get Started

If you’re ready to transform your bathroom and give it an artistic upgrade call one of our customer care specialists today to get started. You will be put in touch with a member of the design team that will ask you some questions about your space, the size of the mural that you want, and other design elements that you might have in mind. After the designer gets a basic idea of what you’re looking for that designer will be able to give you a custom quote for a bathroom art mural that will change the look and feel of your bathroom.

So don’t wait to start the design process. Call our team today and get ready to upgrade your business as well as upgrade your bathroom for your clients, customers, and staff members who are in your building every day.

We paint bathroom murals of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.