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Bathroom Signs

Bathroom signs are necessary for any business, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. A custom bathroom sign will give you the chance to be witty, clever, and funny and to make an impression on your customers with your clever wordplay and fun images. It’s not unusual for a funny sign to end up going viral on social media, which can bring in a lot of new customers.

Our talented team of artists and graphic designers can create clever and unusual sign for the bathroom of your business. To either make your customers chuckle or further your brand identity as well as provide them with valuable information. Custom hand-painted signage is our specialty and we cover the restroom as well.

Fun Restroom Sign Designs

The best restroom signs for a business offer some kind of play on words that only makes sense within the context of the theme of the business. You want your business signage to jump out at customers. Providing important information this is smart and funny will give you the greatest return on your sign investment.

bathroom signage for a mens room featuring adonis

Example of custom restroom sign for the mens room in a restaurant.

Everyone appreciates a little levity now and then. It’s also a good idea to choose signs that are unique in shape or size so that they stand out more. The more unique the sign is the better the chances are that the customers will be able to find their way to the bathroom and back on their own without having to ask you or a member of staff. The designers on our artistic team can work with you to take advantage of the space that you have and create images and signs that will fit perfectly into the space that you have and into the theme of the business.

Custom Bathroom & Restroom Signs For Your Home

If you run a business at home or if you have frequent guests staying at your home you might also need to get bathroom signs for your own home. If you are working out of your home it’s always a smart idea to have the bathrooms well-marked so your customers don’t need to walk all over your home trying to find the bathroom. And if you have frequent houseguests, or have lots of kids over for playdates with your kids, or generally have a lot of people in your home at any given time signage could be a good idea so that people don’t need to seek you out to find the restroom.

If you are planning on having a lot of summer picnics or barbeques, or if you have always hosted Christmas or other holiday parties at your home holiday themed signage is a nice way to let people know where guest restroom is.

Wedding Restroom Signs

If you have a wedding coming up that is outdoors or in an unusual type of setting having custom made bathroom signs is a very good idea and very considerate of your guests. In a typical wedding venue, the bathrooms are pretty clearly marked. But If you’re getting married in a park, in a barn, in a tent or in some other unusual type of setting guests usually are very appreciative of restrooms that are clearly marked with a sign. That way guests can discreetly find the bathrooms when they need to without having to disturb the ceremony or the reception by asking.

We Provide Custom Design, or Recreate Your Example

If you have some designs already in mind for custom bathroom signs our experienced art and design team members will be happy to talk with you about the designs that you have in mind to see if they can be adapted to make great restroom signs. And if you don’t have any ideas yet don’t worry. Our talented design staff can create a unique design for you that will fit right in with the theme of your business. They can incorporate your own custom brand colours or your logo if you want those things included. Or they can take custom imagery that you want to use and resize it up or down to make sure that it looks great within the context of the design without either blowing up the artwork or making it smaller.

Font choices and lettering choices are another are where our design team can help you pick out what you need to get the perfect sign. Some fancy types of lettering are hard to read or look out of place on bathroom signs. But our artists are quite comfortable with hand drawing and hand lettering so if you want a unique looking sign that will perfectly fit your business you might want to consider different styles of hand lettering to really make your sign pop.

Call one of our skilled artists today to find out more about custom bathroom signs for your home or your business or your special event.

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