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Custom Bedroom Murals

If you have been trying to find a way to make your bedroom reflect your own unique personality a custom bedroom wall mural is a great way to do that. Many people struggle to find bedroom décor that will truly transform their bedroom into the sanctuary that it should be. Modern life is busy and hectic, so when you spend time in your bedroom it should rejuvenate your spirit and help you relax and recharge. But generic art or bedroom wall decor from the local home store isn’t going to achieve that effect. You can create the dream bedroom that you’ve always wanted when you hire professional wall mural artists.

We’ll Paint The Perfect Bedroom Mural

Studies have shown that bedrooms should be tranquil and decorated in a way that will help you relax in order to help you sleep. If you have insomnia or have a hard time falling asleep creating a lush and relaxing bedroom is highly recommended to help you relax and help your brain slow down at night so that you can get the deep rest that you need to function at work or when you are with your family.

A comfortable bed and soft cozy bedding are important. But is so the paint that you choose and the colors that you surround yourself with. A custom wall mural done in soothing colors and full of images that will help you relax is a fantastic way to help you lessen anxiety and stress and sleep better at night.

You can choose relaxing images like swirling patterns, mandalas and geometric shapes in soft colors. Or you might want to choose a natural landscape with trees and flowers, or an ocean theme mural with soft blues and deep greens to remind you of ocean waves. If you’re feeling more whimsical you might want a mural that has all your favorite characters from childhood books to help you remember a simpler time and relax at night.

Getting a custom wall mural created for your bedroom is also a way to express your unique personality and make the room reflect your own personal taste. If you don’t get to show off your personality much during the day because of your job or because of the obligations that you have retreating to your personality filled bedroom at night is a good way to recharge your spirit.

Why Choose Us? Bedroom Wall Mural Ideas

No matter what your personality is we will craft custom mural designs to reflect it. If you have ideas already for wall mural images our fine artists and designers can work with you to create a cohesive mural design that incorporates your ideas. And if you don’t have ideas already but you know the general feeling you would like the room to have our artists can create a truly unique wall mural just for you. You can choose the colors that you love or the colors that you find the most relaxing and our design team will use those colors to create an original design that you will love. We can even match colors so if you have a favorite pillow or a comforter that has a color you love we can match that color and use it in the wall mural.

Our design team has decades of experience designing and creating unique murals. All of our murals are hand painted so they will look like real works of art and not just a piece of vinyl stuck to the wall. And murals are great if you live in a rental too because you just have to paint over them when you move out. No holes in the wall to deal with and no need to worry about damage to the wall from installing pictures or hanging things. Our fine artists will paint your custom mural by hand right on your wall.

A Mural in The Bedroom is On Trend

If you’re a fan of home design TV shows or home design bloggers and social media stars you’ve probably seen a lot of custom art murals on the walls of your favorite stars. Having a custom mural created in your bedroom is very much on trend in the world of home design right now. Individualizing your space so that it is a cozy retreat from the world is part of good self-care, and self-care is a hot topic right now.

If you work at home and have a home office a custom wall mural can help separate your bedroom into specific areas so that you will feel like you have a separate workspace and also a place to unwind and relax in your bedroom. To find out more about getting a custom bedroom wall mural created call one of our customer care specialists today. They will be happy to answer your questions and get you started on a free quote for a custom bedroom wall mural.

We paint bedroom murals of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.