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Custom Boys Room Murals

If you’ve been struggling to come up with the perfect décor for your boy’s bedroom you should consider having a custom wall mural painted in your son’s room. A custom wall mural is a great way to personalize the décor in a child’s bedroom rather than wallpaper murals or “stick-up” mural. Even in a rental, you can have a wall mural painted and just paint over it when you leave.  As your child grows the mural can be adapted and repainted to keep pace with his changing interests and tastes. Whether you want something traditional or something unique a wall mural is a piece of décor that will something totally personal to your son.

Custom Boys Room Murals Help Express Creativity

Figuring out how to decorate a child’s room can be tricky. While the child is young you should be choosing décor that can do double duty by fostering the child’s imagination and helping them learn instead of just choosing general wall art. A wall mural that is custom painted has a lot of benefits for children like:

Encouraging Imagination

A wall mural helps a child develop their imagination. By having a custom wall mural made that features characters from children’s books or fairytales your child learns to imagine themselves in the stories that they are learning when you read to them, and later when they can read the stories and fairy tales to themselves.

A wall mural of a castle and the surrounding lands encourages your child to imagine himself as the hero in a fairytale. A mural of animals and nature scenes can encourage a love of nature and the outdoors. And a wall mural of dinosaurs encourages him to imagine himself as a scientist or an explorer.

Encouraging Learning

For younger children, a wall mural of primary colors, blocks and shapes, letters and numbers and other educational building blocks will help them learn and help them develop a love learning that will last throughout their lives.  A 3d wall mural can really add a new dimension to a room!

A Mural in your Boys Room Can Help Calm Them Down

If your child has ADHD or has a tendency to become overstimulated a calming mural in the bedroom can help them calm down and relax at night so they are better able to sleep. Murals in soft soothing colors and in repeating patterns are often very soothing to kids that are on the Autism spectrum, or kids that have anxiety. And if your child is prone to nightmares a wall mural filled with brave and heroic characters will help him feel safe enough to sleep in his bed at night without being afraid of monsters or what is hiding under the bed.

Our Design Team

We have a full staff of designers and mural artists that will work with you to create a custom wall mural for your boy’s bedroom that your son will love. Our artists have extensive fine arts training and they have years of experience creating all different kinds of custom murals. After talking to some of our designers about your boy’s personal interests and favorite things they can design a totally unique custom mural just for your son. Once you are happy with the design they will hand paint the mural on a bedroom wall, or throughout the entire bedroom if you want. Your son will love having a dynamic and art-filled bedroom and you will love being able to give your son something that will make his room look great and encourage him to learn and imagine. As your son grows our designers and artists can adapt the mural so that it keeps up with his changing tastes. Or they can create something entirely new for him as he develops more of his own interests and tastes. Our team has painted many wall murals Canada residents love.

If you have been searching for a way to make your son’s nursery or bedroom stand out and you want to do something different for the décor in his room call us today to find out more about custom murals for boy’s bedrooms. A custom mural is more affordable than you might think and because it’s customized it will be a one of a kind work of art made just for your son. We have painted many wall murals Toronto parents have loved for their boys room.

If you have some ideas in mind, or if you have seen some great custom murals on social media sites like Pinterest or Instagram our designers can take some of your ideas and turn them into an original artwork. Or they can start from scratch and create a unique design that will be made just for your son based on their experiences and training. Our design team will be happy to work with you to find exactly the right design for your son. If you want to encourage your son’s creativity and give him a world of wonder within his own bedroom a custom mural is a way to do that. Give us a call today to start a custom quote for a boys bedroom wall mural.

We paint boys room murals of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.