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Custom Ceiling Murals

A ceiling mural is a great addition to any home or business. It will add a lot of visual a children’s rooms, especially ones the incorporate glow in the dark paint to provide a soothing nighttime atmosphere for kids. Ceiling murals also give elegance and sophistication to art galleries, showrooms, and other businesses.

A custom mural on your ceiling is a fantastic way to make your business stand out and be remembered. And there are dozens of different popular mural themes that you can base a mural design off of like classic art, stars and celestial bodies, or a sky theme to open up a dark space and make it brighter. Ceiling murals are also great for restaurants that want to make a dramatic impact and create a certain ambiance for the diners that come in to eat. Rather than simple ceiling wallpaper, a custom mural can reflect the style of the area it’s painted in. Whether it’s a bedroom or a restaurant dining room.

Getting a custom mural painted isn’t as expensive as you might think. Our staff of designers and fine artists are well trained in designing and completing murals. Your ceiling mural will be hand painted by a skilled and experienced fine artist who will turn your ceiling into a unique work of art that your customers or your house guests will remember.

Ceiling Murals For Businesses

If you want to have a ceiling mural created for your business call us today to get a custom quote started. Our designers and artists will look at the size and scope of your ceiling and then talk with you about ideas for mural themes in order to get you a quote. If you have a mural design already in mind our artists will be happy to take your ideas into consideration and expand on them. They can include your logo, or your business colors, in the mural to make it more effective branding. Our team has color matching experts and they can match almost any color so no matter what colors you use to define your business we can use those exact colors in your custom mural.

While some turn to wallpaper murals, wallpaper does not allow for the same expression and creativity that a custom designed and hand-painted mural do. If you don’t have any themes in mind for your mural our artists will look at the space and take into consideration your business and come up with a theme and a design that that will wow your customers or guests and help you continue to grow your business. A statement ceiling mural is a fantastic way to make sure that customers and guests who come into your business remember it. And you can market your mural on your social media accounts and get people interested in coming into the business just to see this one of a kind piece of art.

Ceiling Murals For Homes

If you want to make the most of the space that you have at home a ceiling mural is a fantastic way to do that. Whether you choose a natural landscape or a more traditional type of art to enhance your home a mural will give you more enjoyment of your home and it will be a fantastic conversation piece when you have guests over. A mural in the dining room will turn your formal dining room into a room that resembles the best restaurants around. Your dinner party guests or family members that come over for holiday parties will be very impressed with the custom art on your ceiling. A ceiling mural is also a great way to get rid of the bland white that so many homes have.

Some people may turn to sky wallpaper for instance but we feel a hand-painted solution will always be a better option providing the ability to incorporate design elements in such a unique way as to compliment your space with unparalleled precision. When dealing with wallpaper a compromise will always have to be made. Mural designs can work around any compromise to deliver fabulous stunning results.

A ceiling mural in the office or home gym will brighten up your space and make it feel more like you are outdoors in the sunshine instead of inside getting work done or getting a workout done. And ceiling murals in the kids’ rooms are a fantastic way to calm their nighttime fears and give them something to focus on at night that will help them stay calm and relaxed. A mural in the foyer will also make a big impression on guests and turn your home into a real showplace.

Get A Quote

Whether you want to have a custom ceiling mural painted for your home or for your business the process starts with a custom quote. Call one of our customer service reps today to start the process of getting a quote for a custom ceiling mural in your home or business. Our designers will take into account the size of the ceiling, the theme that you want and other factors to create a personalized quote for you. And don’t worry about the painting time. Our artists will be happy to work around your schedule so that if you are getting a mural for a business your customers and clients aren’t inconvenienced and your business won’t slow down at all.

We paint ceiling murals of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.