If you want to create a better ambiance in your church or religious space a custom painted mural is a wonderful way to create a peaceful and prayerful atmosphere for people who come to the church seeking peace and a chance to pray.


Custom religious murals can be painted for any religion. Murals that bring to life Bible stories are very popular in Christian denomination churches. Saints, Bible stories, parables and even gospels can be given a unique artistic treatment and woven into the décor of the church to make it more inviting and educational as well. If your church has an attached Sunday School area our talented designers and artists can create child-friendly spaces with murals of farm animals, nursery rhymes, and characters, or beloved children’s book characters. That will give the children an inspirational and fun place to learn. An art mural can truly capture the essence of spirituality.

Murals in churches and religious spaces are great for bringing the congregation together and creating a warm and supportive worship space. Especially if your church or religious group meets in a non-traditional worship building a custom mural or several custom murals can really make the people come to pray there feel at home.


If you have your own wall mural ideas already of what you want your custom mural to go ahead and talk to our design teams. They would be happy to walk with you about the images that you want to have in the mural, the stories that you want to be represented in mural form, or important scriptures or quotes that you would like to see worked into the mural. With just a little information from you, they can start creating sketches of original murals that will be hand-painted in your church or religious building. And since our design team also contains a construction and logistics expert the design team can put a custom mural almost anywhere in your church or religious building. Outside or inside our design team will create stunning original art just for you.

Murals don’t need to only be indoors, we are experienced at painting outdoor murals as well. But if you don’t have particular stories or images in mind our artists specialize in designing murals based on ideas that you provide about your church and your congregation. Maybe a wall mural reflecting the many different types of people who come to the building to pray would be something that you’re interested in. Or maybe you would like to have liturgical quotes painted throughout the sanctuary. Our team is here to design a meaningful and beautiful mural for you and your congregation to enjoy.


We understand that for some churches and worship groups money is a consideration. After all, most churches and religious organizations operate on a pretty thin budget. But rest assured that we can work within almost any budget and we will be able to come up with a custom mural design that you will love. Don’t put off talking to one of our design team about a custom mural just because you have a limited budget.


We also know that quality matters. That’s why we carefully select every member of our design team. Each team is filled with creative professionals from across a wide spectrum of industries so that you will get the best service and the best advice when it comes to design. Our design teams all have a professional artist with a fine arts background, a contractor to help with the installation and offer advice about placement, and many more people working behind the scenes to make sure that you get a mural that you and your congregation will love.


Creating a custom mural can be done more quickly than you might think. First, call one of our customer service specialists to get set up with a design team consultation. Once you talk to our design team they will be able to create a custom quote for you based on things like the size of the mural that you need and the design that you want. After that, the design team will get to work creating some sketches of ideas for you. Before you consider a wallpaper mural it’s a good idea to think about the impact a custom mural can provide.

When you are happy with the design our team, including a professional contractor, will create an installation plan for your murals. All of our murals are hand painted so they are all totally unique works of fine art. Our talented team will work around your schedule to make sure that the painting is done at a time that is convenient for you and your group.

If you want an exterior mural painted on your building it will be completed when there isn’t heavy traffic and when the area isn’t busy so that there will be minimal disruption. So if you’re ready to find out more about getting a custom mural for your church or religious group call us today to start a custom quote.

We paint murals of all sizes, in all locations.
Contact us today to get a free estimate on your custom wall mural project.

Every mural is a unique work of art, and we take into consideration a myriad of factors when designing and conceptualizing a custom wall mural Toronto. Your project may require a piece of art to be designed from scratch to your requirements or vision.

Location is an essential aspect because working a mural into the final site in a creative manner is always an excellent way to deliver stunning results. Additionally, we’ll consider your subject matter and any unique resources we may need to complete the project.

Whether you have an entirely vague idea or a well-developed design brief, we will work with you to create a mural to fit your needs perfectly. Our artists are highly trained and practice a variety of artistic styles ranging from classical to contemporary. This enables us to provide fantastic results that meet your needs.

We are experienced in taking existing imagery and enlarging it to fit on a variety of surfaces. This is commonplace in custom wall mural painting, and we are well-versed in a range of techniques. Let us help you determine the best way of executing your project, depending on where the mural is destined for and gaining access to the location.

Whether the image needs to be painted freehand, projected onto the surface or delivered using a grid format, we have the expertise to render your mural with exacting precision on even the roughest and most rugged of surfaces.

Planning a mural project is just about the most important part of the job. During this phase, we assess the specific needs of your custom wall mural project, and answer commonly asked questions such as:

– What permits are required?
– What sort of access will we have?
– Will we need any special resources?
– Do we need to rent any specific equipment?
– What methods are available to us to enlarge imagery?

These questions are just an example of our process, which is much more detailed and customized to each specific mural painting project.

When it comes to accurate colour representation, we are obsessed with perfection.

We understand that brands and corporations are obsessed with their specific colours, this is just one of the reasons why we take this matter to heart. Rest assured, we are experienced in matching colours to the highest standards. When faced with colour challenges we have a track record of achieving the finest, most accurate colours available.

If you have any questions or concerns about matching your colours, please give us a call.

Painting custom wall murals often takes us to new heights, which are often overlooking busy streets or areas.

During the mural project we take all precautions to ensure that our work is conducted in a safe and thoughtful manner. This may include working on aspects of the job at unusual hours when traffic is low, or having special consideration for property in the vicinity. No two projects are the same and each is carefully evaluated to ensure that murals are painted in a safe and careful manner.


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