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Church & Religious Signs

Church and religious signs have two main purposes, they should provide information on the church and the denomination of the church and also they should be inviting and make people want to come in and see what the church is all about. Custom painted and hand-lettered church and religious signs are an artistic and beautiful way to present both of those things to the world. Whether it’s building signage, door signs, or other outdoor signage a custom hand-painted sign will make a strong lasting impression.

Religious art has a long history and our expert design team members who have a background in the fine art would be happy to work with you to create church and religious signs in the style of your favourite religious art or an artistic style that is relevant to the church. Our artistic teams can handle the challenge of creating a unique and impactful church and religious signs because they have the educational background and the experience to work with religious topics and figures.

What Great Religious And Church Signs Have In Common

There are many ways to personalize religious and church signs so that they reflect the spirit and tone of each individual congregation. But the best church signs all have the same elements. They use beautiful imagery, uplifting or inspiring language, and a gentle sense of humour. The best church signs should make an impression that is inviting and warm and makes the people seeing the sign want to meet the people from that church. And church and religious signs that are used in personal yards and on personal property should also have those same elements.

You can add religious signs to your yard without offending your neighbours if the signs are done artistically and are more like works of art than advertisements for a church.

Our design team members have educations in art, art history, fine art, and graphic design. They can take the religious images that are important to you and use them as the basis for a great church or religious sign that will get attention and make people think. You can choose imagery that you have a personal connection with or you can let our team members come up with a totally unique design just for you and your church.

Our art team can also work with you choose the best colour palette, lettering style, and layout for the sign so that it’s clear, easy to read, and connects with the people who see it on an emotional level.

The Benefits of Custom Signage

Having custom signs created may be a little more expensive than buying signs off the shelf. But the extra cost is worth it because it comes with a high level of service and artistic ability. You can customize every feature of your sign from the size of the imagery to the shape of the sign to the type of lettering and the colours in the sign. If you want to be absolutely sure that your religious or church sign is exactly the way that you envision it in your mind then you need to work with professional artists like our team to make that happen.

One of the biggest benefits of a custom church or religious sign is that you can have input on how the final design of the sign looks. You can create your own sign using religious icons and imagery or add in photos of the church itself and the congregation.

You could even use interior photos of the church on the sign to show people how beautiful the church is on the inside. There are many benefits that come from being able to customize every part of the sign.

Getting The Right Information

You can also choose what information you want to put on the sign. You may just want to put the name of the church and a phone number or website address. Or you might want to add the church’s motto or creed as well as the name. And some churches choose to put their entire weekly worship schedule on the sign so that everyone will know when the times for worship are. The choice is yours.

Just make sure that you are getting a sign that is big enough to put all that information on if you want to add the full weekly worship schedule to the sign.

Humorous Church Signs

You may also want to think about adding a clever or funny saying or play on words to your church or religious sign. Images of church signs that are funny, topical, or clever have often gone viral which results in lots of free publicity for the church and many new members joining the church. If one of the reasons why you want a sign is to attract new members try making the sign clever enough to go viral and you will reach a huge number of potential new worshipers.

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