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Custom Coffee Shop Murals

Murals are the perfect interior or exterior decoration for coffee shops. There are lots of creative mural ideas that will make your coffee shop stand out and create a fun atmosphere that your customers will enjoy spending time in. A custom mural isn’t as expensive as you might think and a mural is a great choice of decoration for a coffee shop.

Bringing The Community Together

Traditionally coffee and tea shops are gathering places. Families gather there to share a snack and some drinks. Friends gather there to catch up and hang out. Business people conduct business there. Artists, writers, poets, and other creative people hang out and do creative work there. And everyone likes to stop and grab a cup on their way to work to soak up the atmosphere as well as get some caffeine to start their day.

So the decorations in the coffee shop should reflect that community-oriented spirit and the joy that people find in coming together over a hot beverage. And a custom hand painted mural in your coffee shop is the best way to do that. A mural that reflects the vibrancy of the community, or the local landmarks, or even the regular customers that come into the shop will keep customers coming back over and over again.

Social Media Stars

A unique mural will also be a focal point that can turn your café or coffee shop into a social media star. Advertising on social media is a very big deal for coffee shops and other creative or quirky businesses that rely on word of mouth. Having a very special custom mural created is a fantastic way to boost your café’s social media presence. Customers will want to come in and take a selfie with the mural then post it on social media. And as those posts get shared and go viral your coffee shop will receive tons of free publicity.

You can even have local celebrities and social media figures come in and get their photos taken next to the mural so that you can really increase your social media following.

Make Your Shop Stand Out

A bright mural on the outside of the coffee shop is also an ideal way to get people to notice your shop. Since coffee shops are common and can be hard to see from the street in order to attract passing potential customers add a breezy mural to the outside of your building that has a coffee related theme. That way when people are walking, cycling or driving by they will see the mural and want to stop in for some coffee or tea.

There are dozens of great ideas that coffee shops can use in a mural that will be appropriate to the shop and still highlight the uniqueness of the business. If you have ideas already for a custom mural or if you know already that you want to include things like your logo in a mural our talented designers will be happy to work with you to give some depth to your ideas. They will use your ideas as the starting point for a custom mural design. Ideas for custom wall murals might even include a graffiti mural adding an urban touch to your shop.

But don’t worry if you don’t know what you want in the mural. Everyone is different. Some people have very distinct ideas about what they want in a fine art mural and others have no idea but they know what they like when they see it. We have a lot of experience with developing wall mural ideas and will help you solve any dilemmas you may have.

After talking with you about the business, the community and what your priorities as a business owner are our artists will start drawing up ideas for your custom mural. They will take into account things like the colors that are in the interior of your business, the size of the space, and how the mural will look under bright lights. Once you are happy with the design the planning to install and paint the mural can being.

Don’t worry about the disruption of having a mural painted. Our artists can work around the schedule of your coffee shop or café. They will get the painting done and the finishing completed during slow hours of the day (usually during the night) or when the shop isn’t open so that your normal daily business won’t be disturbed. And if the mural is for the outside of the building the crew will do the painting when the coffee shop is closed so that the painting won’t make it hard for people to park near the café or get in and out of the shop.

If you want to set your coffee shop apart and have a business that is truly unique call us today to find out more about the benefits of a custom painted mural for your coffee shop or café. Our designers want to help you create a fun and festive atmosphere for your business.

We paint coffee shop murals of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.