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Coffee Shop Signs

For a coffee shop having a custom sign is critically important. There are lots of coffee shops out there. What will make a customer choose your shop over another is the atmosphere, and that atmosphere is conveyed directly by your custom coffee shop sign. A customer walking or driving be will see your custom sign and decide to give your coffee a try based on the humour, wit, and creativity that goes into the design of the sign.

Our talented design team members will be happy to help you create a concept for a coffee shop sign and design a sign that will appeal to many different types of customers while at the same time enhancing your brand and publicizing your coffee shop.

Why Signage Matters

For a coffee shop that relied on walk-by and drive-by traffic having a great sign is critically important. Online culture matters, and online reviews matter, but at the end of the day it’s still those walk up and drive up customers that are going to be the core of your business. According to a study that was done recently out of 500 businesses surveyed more than half of them said that their business sign directly led to new customers coming in the door. That means you can’t afford to have a bad sign that doesn’t appeal to people. If you don’t have a great sign you are just throwing business away. Outdoor signs are great commercial signs for coffee shops.

Coffee Shop Signs And Atmosphere

A coffee shop sign should always reflect the mood and atmosphere of the coffee shop. Wood signs are a great choice for coffee shops because they evoke an old-fashioned feeling that many people find comforting. A wooden sign is also a good fit with an older wooden building that houses the coffee shop. But if your shop is in a modern concrete building then a more modern coffee shop would be a better fit for you.

If your coffee shop is designed to be soothing and relaxing and it has soft or deep colours you should incorporate those colours into the sign too. If your shop is a place for people to gather and talk about ideas and work then you can have colours that are a little brighter that are designed to stoke creativity instead of soothe and de-stress. The colours that you use in your sign should correspond to the colours in the coffee shop.

Branding Your Coffee Shop Sign

If you have a certain font that your coffee shop is known for using or if you have certain colours that are part of your brand that font and those colours should be used on the coffee shop sign in order to continue building awareness of your brand. Our design team can work with your existing brand colours or your brand font and create a beautiful coffee shop sign that uses both font and colour to really make your brand pop while still getting the attention of customers and making it inviting for them to come in and get a cup of coffee.

Our Design Team

We hire only the best local artists and graphic designers. They have the education, experience, and tools to create any type of coffee shop sign that you want. From classic and timeless to ultra modern and Millennial they can create a coffee shop sign that you and your staff will love. Our designers and artists have studied fine art, painting, and calligraphy as well as the latest computer-aided design so that they can do everything from hand letter a sign to create a stunning steampunk overlay for your unique one of a kind coffee shop sign.

If you have designs in mind for your sign already the team will be happy to take those ideas and use them as a starting point for an original design for a coffee shop sign. And if you don’t have any idea what type of design you want that’s totally fine too. Our experienced team members will ask you some questions and find out more about your business. Then they will sit down and create a beautiful coffee shop sign design that will reflect the unique features of your coffee shop.

Get An Estimate For A Custom Coffee Shop Sign

If you would like to ask our designers some questions or get a free quote for a custom coffee shop sign call one of our customer service specialists today so that you can talk with a design team member one on one about what kind of sign you’re looking for. In no time at all you will be looking over designs and proofs for a unique and whimsical custom coffee shop sign that will draw street traffic into your coffee shop and make your coffee shop stand out.

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