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Custom Corporate & Office Murals

If you have been trying to think of a way to make your corporate office stand out and make the environment better for your customers and employees adding a custom painted mural to your offices is a creative way to make the space more inviting. Clients and customers will appreciate the beauty of a custom mural in the reception area or in the bathrooms to add some beauty and a unique touch.

Your employees will feel better and work better in an office that has some bright touches and artwork instead of just standard boring beige walls or office wallpaper. After all, your employees are staring at those walls all day long. Why not invest in them by giving them a workspace where they can really thrive?

Creativity At Work

Any clients or customers that come into your office will be impressed by a custom mural because it gives any office a very high-end custom look. A mural can make a space look more elegant and sophisticated as well as give it a unique personality. We have experience crafting unique mural designs for a wide range of office spaces. If you have wall mural ideas we can work off your existing concept or craft something based on your ideas.

But one of the best benefits of adding a custom hand painted mural to your corporate office is that it will boost your productivity. Studies have shown that employee productivity is directly impacted by the space that they work in. If you want your employees to be creative problem solvers that can come up with new ideas and think outside the box you need to give them a space that is more than a box to work in.

By livening up the walls with colorful murals, quotes and other artwork that is designed specifically for your offices you will be giving your employees a workspace that will spark creativity and make them want to come to work each day. The cost of a custom painted mural is cheap compared to the increased work and better quality work you’ll get from your employees.

Putting a custom mural in the conference room or meeting rooms can serve a dual purpose. It can boost creativity and a sense of community during team meetings and it can send a strong message to clients and customers that are meeting with employees in those rooms. Calming murals that still are on the brand are perfect for smaller spaces like hallways or bathrooms or even the break room.

Branding And Engagement

Another benefit of a custom wall mural that contains your logo and branding information is that it builds a spirit of community and pride among the employees. When you have a corporate mural front and center in the reception or lobby area that employees walk past every day it fosters a sense of pride in working for the company. If you want your employees to really be emotionally invested in where they work adding a mural to the lobby or reception area is a great way to do it.

And a lobby or reception mural that contains a hand-painted mural of your corporate logo, corporate colors, and other branding elements sends a strong message to customers and clients when they walk in the door. You can use murals to showcase your flagship products or use murals to show the company history or achievements.

Getting A Custom Mural Made

The process of getting a custom mural made is less complicated than you might think. We have a staff of design professionals including professional fine artists and designers as well as building contractors who make sure that the mural looks great in whatever location is chosen to install it. Because we have a team of experts that have experience in different disciplines your mural will look fantastic from start to finish and there will be a professional there at every step of the process to make sure that things go smoothly.

After describing to our design team what you would like in a mural and what tone you want it to have our artists will get to work designing a mural for you. You can let the artists know if there are certain colors that you want to use, even custom colors like the ones that are in your logo. We can match almost any color without any problem.

When you are happy with the design our artists will get to work hand painting the mural in your corporate office. The installation and painting can be done after hours when the offices are closed so that your employees and customers and clients aren’t disturbed by the painting. Your employees will come in the next morning to a totally new environment that will boost their spirits as well as their creativity.

If you’ve been thinking about a custom mural design for your office to make your office a friendlier place and take your branding to the next level call one of our design team professionals today to get a quote for a custom mural.

We paint office & corporate murals of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.