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Custom Billboards

Custom designed billboards are a fantastic way to advertise your business. With the huge canvas of a billboard, there are many options for creating a unique and attention-getting billboard that will get the attention of everyone that passes it. Our design team is the perfect partner to help you create the perfect billboard ad design.

The MuralForm Team

We have a team of the best local fine artists and graphic designers who work together to create unique signs, billboards, banners and other advertising for local businesses. Having artists and designers work together ensures that business owners get an artistic design that is sized to perfectly fit the billboard, sign or banner that is being designed. Our graphic artists and designers know how to take any image, even a tiny logo, and resize it to fit into a giant billboard or a sign perfectly with no pixelation or warping of the image.

Our talented artists can work in many styles and can work with unique colour palettes. Whether you want a cutting-edge design for a billboard or a classic and elegant business advertisement our design team will work with you to create something that you will be proud to represent your business. With years of experience and a strong educational background, our artists and designers can create real works of art to advertise your business.

Billboard Design Basics

When you are designing a billboard you should always be focused on creating a story. When people drive by a billboard they often don’t remember what they have just seen. But they will remember a story. People are hardwired to remember stories and interesting bit of information. So a great billboard design starts with a story.

manulife what do you live for? mural at dundas square

A manulife billboard MuralForm painted for an event at Dundas Square in Toronto

Another important element of great billboard design is simplicity. People driving by will spend only a couple of seconds looking at the billboard so the message of the billboard has to be simple, effective, and clear. If you are looking to create advertising signage a local business, the address of the business and business name should be front and center on the billboard. If you are advertising a website the web address should be placed where it will get the most eyes on it for the longest period of time. Keep it simple is the best plan when it comes to designing a billboard.

Often designers will tell you that when you are creating the background design for a billboard you should keep it as simple as possible so that the information in the front of the background isn’t competing for the attention of anyone passing by. While that’s true for large and dramatic photos there is also a good case to be made for using a smaller but more classic set of photos as a background. Our designers will meet with you one on one to talk about what size of photo or image you would prefer to have on your billboard.

And when you are creating a billboard you should always go big or go home. The large format means that graphics and photos should be sized up to fill the large space. The design should also incorporate lots of bright colours that will pop against the background. If you have certain colours that you use as part of your brand they should be the dominant colours in the billboard design. Our designers can match any colour paint so they won’t have any trouble matching the colours that you use for your business or as part of your branding. They can match fonts as well so that the lettering of your business name is consistent.

You can get more tips like this when you sit down with or talk with our design team. They will suggest themes, colours, images and more help you find the perfect design. If you have designs in mind already they can help you refine those ideas to create the best possible billboard to advertise your business.

Why Choose Us

Customer service is our priority. We want our clients to be happy and we want to give them unique and artistic pieces of advertising that will show off their business, increase their brand awareness, and bring in more customers. If you love the unique and unusual, or if you want to take a new approach to advertise your business we paint custom signs, banners and billboards that you will be happy to represent your business.

Contact our team today for a free quote, our professional expertise and creativity will help you build your brand and set your business apart from all the others out there.

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