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Custom Dance Studio Murals

Murals are an essential part of a dance studio’s décor. Murals capture the movement, momentum, and beauty of dance and can inspire the students to work harder, be more creative, and enjoy their time dancing even more. Dancing is an exercise in creativity. It’s impossible for dancers to be at their best when their imaginations and spirits are hemmed in by plain walls. Colorful wall murals are what dancers need in order to harness the joy of dance and be better performers and better dancers.

There are limitless mural designs and ideas when it comes to inspiration for a wall mural in a dance studio including graffiti murals that feature a more urban contemporary appeal, or art murals which can feature a classical artistic appearance. Our team can authentically deliver on any custom wall murals you feel are right for your dance studio space.

If the studio has students of all ages then a wall mural reflecting students dancing ranging from young students to older students is a fun idea. So is a mural based on the gorgeous costumes that dancers wear. Or a mural inspired by some of the most famous dance performances. The only limit when it comes to designing a dance studio wall mural is your imagination.

Dance studio wall murals serve another very important function for a dance studio as well and that is branding. Branding the dance studio online and social media by having a mural painted showcasing what makes that studio unique is a smart way to market your dance studio on social media.

Add a mural in the performance space as well as in the practice space so that when dancers are performing there is a gorgeous eye catching hand painted mural that has the name of the studio or the studio logo on it. When happy parents and excited students upload their photos and videos and share them on social media it will be fantastic free advertising for the studio. Seeing the performances and the creative and charming interior of the studio on social media can make new students want to come and join the studio so they can dance in such a creative and welcoming place too.

If you have a dance studio that needs a new mural or if you want to change your brand identity and transform your dance school a custom mural is a great way to do that. Our designers are trained in fine arts and design and have years of experience hand painting and designing custom murals. They can create the perfect mural for your dance school. Or if you have designs already in mind they can help you bring those designs to life and make your dance school a place where students will love to practice and perform.

Why Choose Us

Our staff members have the education and experience to create high-end works of art that will look beautiful and inspire your dance students. The mural our staff creates for you will be perfect for a stage or performing space and also perfect for the practice space. We have several designers and fine artists who have more than just painting skills. They have the imagination and creativity to create a stunning work of custom art and hand paint it for you.

If you are using the mural as a branding piece they can work in logos, taglines, quotes, musical lyrics, or other elements that you want to have as part of your brand. They can use custom colored paints for logos and other elements. And if there are certain colors that you want to use in the mural that will work with your brand and work with the décor of the school just let our designers know during your consultation and they will be happy to work within those parameters.

We love to make custom art and original art designs for businesses. Our design staff won’t just hand you a design that you can get anywhere. They will work with you and keep drafting designs until they hit on one that is exactly what you need to promote your brand, advertise your business, and keep your students inspired and pushing forward creatively.

To start the process of designing and installing a hand-painted custom mural for your dance studio call one of our customer care specialists today to schedule an appointment for a free quote. Our designers will look at your dance studio and talk to you about the size of the mural that you want and the space that you have available as well as some designs that would be appropriate for your space.

When our artists combine their art expertise and creativity with your talent it will transform your studio space, give your students inspiration, and take your branding and social media marketing to the next level. Call us today to get started and let us help you create the amazing dance space and performance studio that you have always wanted to own.

We paint dance studio murals of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.