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Custom Daycare Facility Murals

Art is very important for kids and daycare facilities that have child-friendly wall murals are helping children learn. Art helps children develop an imagination and learn how to see the world differently. That’s why it’s so important for daycare facilities and childcare centers to use murals on their walls to inspire children and help them learn.

Murals Are Practical Too

Wall murals for daycare facilities and child care centers also serve a practical purpose by diving the area into different sections by use and making it easy for the children to know where to go for certain activities. For example, a wall mural of a tree with some kids under it gathered around an adult reading from a storybook reminds kids that when it’s story time they go to that area. And a wall mural of happy children sleeping on another wall can remind kids that when it’s nap time that is where they should go to take their nap. And wall murals in play areas stimulate creativity and encourage children to explore art.

Some daycare centers will opt for kids wallpaper such as cartoon wallpaper, but we feel wallpaper murals don’t allow enough creative expression and sometimes finding the right characters is very difficult. There are a ton of wall mural ideas that can incorporate a daycare facilities brand and logo while featuring whatever characters and imagery you want.

Murals can also be reminders to kids to do things like hang up their coats and put their backpacks away. There are many ways that you can use murals to make the day go more smoothly for the kids in your care and for your employees.

Daycare Mural Original Designs

Custom murals for daycare facilities and child care centers can feature dozens of different child-friendly images like beloved book characters, animals, colors, and shapes. A custom wall mural can even help children learn by helping them identify shapes and colors or animals. Religious child care centers and daycare centers might want a custom mural featuring Biblical stories or parables as well as child themed images or holiday-themed images.

If you already have a mural design in mind or if you already know that you want to use certain images our designers can work with you to incorporate the images you choose the design. You don’t need to worry about the size of the images. Our staff members have a lot of experience working with images from tiny logos to giant photos. They can take any image and resize it so that it fits perfectly into the mural that you want to have painted. And since all of our murals are hand painted the mural in your daycare facility or child care center will have a unique one of a kind style that you can only get from hand painting.

Exterior Daycare Murals

Exterior daycare facility murals can make it easier for parents to find your building. And seeing colorful and cheerful murals will make it more likely that the children you care for will want to come to your facility each day. If you were given a choice would you rather go to a dull and dark building or a building that has a sunny and vividly colored mural on it? Of course, you’d choose the building with the mural. We can help you turn your daycare facility or child care center into a destination that kids love.

Because our staff has years of experience working on many different kinds of buildings and sizes of buildings they will be able to work with your unique building to highlight the architecture and make the building stand out at the same time.

The painting of exterior murals will be done at a time when the center is closed and traffic is light so that it will be easier for our team to hand paint the mural and so that there is not a lot of disruption to you and the parents and kids that come to your daycare facility. The children will be very excited to come to daycare and be surprised by a cheery custom mural appearing on the outside of the building and to see some beautiful custom murals on the inside of the building too.

If you need a custom hand painted mural for your daycare facility or childcare center call us today. Our talented and experienced design team will work with you to create a beautiful, playful and child appropriate mural for your daycare center that the kids will really connect with. Our design team members all have advanced education in their fields of expertise like drawing and painting, graphic design, and even construction. Having a construction professional on the team helps to make sure that the process of installing your mural goes smoothly.

So if you’re ready to enhance your daycare facility or childcare center with a custom mural or if you’re getting ready to launch a new child care center or daycare and you want to decorate it with some lovely custom murals give us a call. Our customer care professionals will help you start the process of getting a custom mural.

We paint daycare murals of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.