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Daycare Signs

Custom daycare signs are a great way to let parents know about your daycare. Daycare signs should be fun, cheerful, and child-friendly. A great custom daycare sign will signal to parents that your daycare is a place where kids will be looked after well and where they will have fun while their parents are at work or at school. Our expert design team can create a custom daycare sign for you that will fit into your budget and help you attract new clients while also promoting your brand.

Why You Need Custom Child Care Signage

There are a lot of factors that go into how parents choose daycares. But one of the most important factors is location. Parents want to find daycare close to home or on their way to and from work so that they don’t have to drive a long distance to drop off their kids or pick them up at the end of the day. That means that your best customers are going to be the people that live in your neighbourhood and are looking for daycare. And the best way to reach those parents is to have a bright and colourful sign outside of your daycare letting parents know that you are taking new kids. And the more creative and fun your sign is the more that parents will be drawn to check out your daycare and sign up their kids.

A few years ago Fed Ex commissioned a study of 500 small businesses to see how these small businesses were getting customers and clients. And more than 50% of the businesses that were in the study said that custom signs were bringing in most of their new clients. Not Internet ads, and not any other type of advertising. Custom signage was responsible for most of their new clients. And that will be true for a business like a daycare as well. Local parents will be looking for signs like yours to know where to place their kids while the parents are at work.

The Best Daycare Signs

Daycare signs are different from other types of signs because they should be very bright and colourful and have fun imagery in order to send the message that your daycare is a fun and safe place for kids. Parents will respond to both the imagery and the colours. You should probably stick to having primary colours on the sign unless there is a certain colour that you use for your logo or as part of your brand. If you do need to have a particular colour in your sign our designers can work with that colour palette and match your logo colour to make sure that your brand is promoted in your sign.

Door signs are another great way to showcase your business to your customers and kids. Interior signs can be designed by our team to accommodate all your needs while staying on brand.

Imagery can be anything from kids’ drawings to depictions of kids playing or playground equipment and toys. There are dozens of options for fun and cute childish imagery that you can incorporate into your daycare sign. If you have some imagery in mind already or if you have photos that you want to use in your sign our design team experts can resize those images or use your logo in the design of the sign without making the images or logo look stretched or pixelated in any way. You can be sure that your sign will have crisp and clear images that will make your business look as good as possible.

It’s also a good idea to put your website address on your daycare sign so that parents can remember to look at your website and check out all of the things that your daycare has to offer. Many daycares offer video tours and lots of photos on their websites so that parents will be able to get a feel for the space before deciding if they want to sign up their kids for that daycare. So putting the website address for your daycare on your sign is a smart idea.

If you are not sure how to fit your website address into your sign without ruining the look of the sign our design team members will take care of integrating the web address into the design for you so that it will look great and be readable. Parents will be able to remember the web address after seeing it on your custom daycare sign.

Our Team Has The Experience and Education To Create Great Signs

All of the people that we hire for our design team have backgrounds in art. Some are fine artists, and others are graphic designers. But they all have experience and education in art so that they can create stunning and creative custom signs for all our clients. If you want to find out more about custom daycare signs call our design team today to get answers to any questions t

We paint custom daycare signs of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.