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Dentist & Doctors Office Signs

For doctors and dentists and other medical health professionals, great signs can communicate a lot of important information to your patients and help put them at ease. Most people are anxious about going to see the doctor or dentist. Cheerful and artistic hand-painted signs can reassure your patients and help younger patients feel better about coming to their appointments. Our staff of experienced and well educated fine artists will work with you to create a unique hand-painted sign for your practice that will make your practice stand out and give your patients the valuable information they need.

Our team can create eye-catching signage that will catch the attention of people driving or walking by. They can also create window signs that help you convey important information and represent the personality of your brand so that you are reaching the right target market. You can get a free custom sign quote today by calling and talking to one of our design team members.

Why Window Signs for Dentist or Doctors Office?

When you think of custom signs you probably think of unique attention-getting signs to market your practice. And our talented staff will be happy to help you by creating a unique hand-painted sign that will show off your practice. But our team can also create the perfect window signs for your practice to help patients and provide some of the information that they need to be better prepared for their visit.

Window signs that a great way to communicate information to the patients that are coming through the door or potential patients that might walk by the office. Window signs can be anything from advertisements for products that you sell like glasses or other medical equipment. Or they can list your hours of operation, your phone number, and your website so that patients know how to contact you.

There are endless options for window signs and window signs are a very effective marketing tool. Call us today to find out more about custom hand painted window signs for doctors and dentists.

Why Custom Signs Make A Difference In Your Office

In the late 80s most businesses were switching to vinyl signs and banners. They were cheap to make and easy to produce so companies jumped on board the trend of using vinyl signs and banners in order to save money. But these days custom hand painted and unique design signs are coming back in a big way. Thanks to social media businesses with bespoke signs designed and hand painted by an artist are going viral on sites like Instagram and are attracting customers that appreciate the artistry and care that goes into creating a custom sign.

A custom sign for your business will make your business look a lot better and will put your business on the social media map. But a hand-painted sign that has been designed by an artist also is a great way to market your business because it raises awareness of your brand. Custom fonts and colours as well as unique hand-drawn images all subconsciously build your brand in the minds of consumers who drive or walk by your sign or see it on social media.

By commissioning a custom sign you are contributing to the building of your brand and making sure that customers and potential customers recognize the particular colours, font, or images that you choose for your business. A hand-painted sign that is custom made for your practice is going to make your practice stand out and build name recognition for your practice.

Setting Your Practice Apart

And when you are in the medical field and you are trying to attract patients you need to show patients what the personality of your business is so that they will know if they will be comfortable going to your practice. If you specialize in children’s health having a bright custom sign with fun images will tell parents and kids that your business is a welcoming and fun place for kids. And other images, colours, and fonts can be tailored to your business to make sure that your practice is being represented in your custom signage.

Don’t waste time trying to make do with vinyl banners and generic vinyl signs. If you have been thinking about replacing your existing sign with a custom sign or if you need new window signs now is the time to act. Talk to one of our design team members today about the many advantages of custom signs and the many options that are available to you when it comes to having a custom sign made.

The money you spend on a custom sign or custom window signs is money that is well spent because it will increase the awareness of your business and help you create a recognizable brand for your practice.

We paint custom dentist & doctors office signs of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.