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Custom Designers and Trades Murals

We specialize in crafting unique custom murals for interior designers and trades needs. Wall murals are an innovative way to make your business stand out from the rest and impress new clients and customers. Unique wall murals that reflect the type of work that your company does, past projects that you have completed, or your company ethics communicate to customers and clients that you have the expertise and experience to do quality work. Custom wall murals also make your offices and buildings look sophisticated and professional.

Exterior murals communicate to anyone that is seeing the building that your business is there and what your business does. If your building is an industrial area where the buildings all look similar a bright and large wall mural will make it easier to spot your building. And an artistic wall mural shows the community that you are committed to supporting the community by providing some beautiful unique art that will make the community brighter and happier. Community art is a great project and it helps to create a good reputation for your company in the neighborhood. When we design mural we make sure it’s the right fit for your project.

A Smart Investment

A hand-painted wall mural is a great marketing investment for your company. It will make your business easier to find and imprint your company brand in the minds of the community and others who drive through the neighborhood. Our talented artists can use your logo and your business colors in a custom piece of artwork that will reach more customers than other types of advertising can reach. Even if you don’t have graphics or artwork ready to use our artists can make it happen with whatever you do have. They are experts at resizing artwork, logos and custom images so that they will look great even when they are blown up large enough to be seen on the side of a building or an interior wall.

If your building is an unusual size or shape, as some workshops and other types of buildings usually are, a custom painted mural is the perfect decoration because it will be designed to look great in the space that you have. Instead of buying generic art and trying to make it fit into your space and look good our designers will start with the space that you have as a blank canvas and create a custom piece of art that is sized and shaped to fit your building. Business signage is one area that murals are being used more and more, it adds a unique look leaving a strong impression on customers.

Our teams have worked on buildings that are huge and multiple stories and small buildings that are only one story. No matter what size or shape your building is we can create a gorgeous mural that is going to fit your space perfectly.

Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Social media is fantastic for advertising your business, but most businesses struggle to create the kind of images that are going to fire up the imaginations of their followers and make those followers want to share their images. A custom hand painted mural or exterior wall mural is the perfect imagery for social media marketing. Photos of your mural will catch the eyes of your followers and make them want to share the unique art photos with others. The people who see the mural will remember your business as the one with the mural and they will come to you when they need work done or need a service that your business can provide.

Your social media posts could even go viral, depending on what the theme of your mural is. And then you could have people showing up at your business specifically to take selfies with your unique and interesting mural. You can capitalize on that by creating a hashtag related to the mural and promoting it on social media. Once your business goes viral you will be stunned at how quickly your business will increase sales.

Mural Design

Our team has extensive experience crafting murals for specific needs, a trades mural or mural to match your interior design is a simple task for us. If you already have images that you want to use in your mural, such as a project that you’ve already completed and are very proud of, our design team can take those images and use them as the basis for a mural design. They can use your company’s colors and use your logo in the mural as well so that all of your best branding elements are represented in the mural. Some people may find a sticker mural could do the job, but the truth is an adhesive or stick on mural almost always looks unauthentic and temporary – not the impression you want to leave on customers.

If you don’t have designs in mind already our designers and artists will be happy to come up with a totally unique design for you that will reflect your business, what you do best, and what you want your business to represent. Community images and local landmarks or many other features could end up playing roles in your custom mural.

Our design team will keep you informed every step of the way. You will get to see sketches and ideas that they come up with and you will have the final approval of any design. Once you’re happy with the design our team will develop an installation plan and start painting your mural.

We paint designer and trades murals of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.