A great way to add some drama and impact to your dining room is to have a custom dining room wall mural painted on your dining room wall or throughout the dining room. If you want to create a stunning accent wall a custom mural can give you the accent that you want without taking over the entire room. A dining room wall mural is a great conversation piece and it can also make holiday gatherings and dinner parties feel a lot more special. If you are ready to ditch the wainscoted beige dining room that is becoming commonplace these days and create a more interesting dining environment a custom wall mural in the dining room is exactly what you need.

A beautiful custom dining room wall mural turns every meal into a special event. Usually, dining rooms are stuffy and boring which can be a real drag during family dinners. That’s one of the reasons why so many families end up eating on trays around the TV in the family room instead of using the formal dining room. But mealtimes can be fantastic times to gather the family and share conversation as well as food. We’ve painted many murals Toronto residents have enjoyed in their dining rooms. You just need to create a more inviting ambience in the dining room in order to get your family to want to spend time there.

And when you’re having formal dinners or holiday parties a custom mural makes your guests feel like they are eating in a high end restaurant. They will love the uniqueness of a custom mural in the dining room. And they will rave about the beautiful décor that complements the delicious food that you have prepared. Dining should be a feast for all the senses, including sight. That’s why you should have a beautiful custom wall mural in your dining room.


Some of the most popular dining room mural designs are naturescapes. If you have a naturally beautiful view from the back deck or another room in the house our artists can create a similar scene on a wall in the dining room to make the dining room feel more open and airy. Or they can create a beautiful and vivid patterned mural using bold colors and geometric shapes to create a graphic and modern accent wall that incorporates the dominant colors in your home. If you prefer a more industrial look our artists can create a mural that evokes the feel of an industrial loft in your traditional dining room. The style options are endless and the mural can be designed around your particular tastes and the décor of your home. You might consider murals wallpaper but we feel the best design is through custom wall murals, our painters have executed many Toronto murals and we are sure you’ll love our final product.


When it comes to creating custom murals we only hire the best artists. Our design teams are made up of artists and designers who have a wide range of experience in fine art, painting and graphic design. Together they can take your ideas and artistic influences and use them as the basis to create a totally unique design just for you. If you want to make your dining room stand out and be one of a kind, a custom wall mural is the way to do that.

Our artists have decades of experience in design, painting, and other creative arts. They can create a unique painted mural that will perfectly fit your dining room. And they will use the colors and images that you like as well as the style of art that you like if you have a favorite type of art. When you sit down with our designers you can tell them about your artistic influences and what your inspiration was for the décor that is in the house. From that they can create a design that will reflect your taste and choices. And if you have particular images that you want to have used in the mural they can work with that too and make sure that those images are properly sized and look great in the mural. All of the murals our teams do are hand painted so they will look like real art and not just vinyl stuck to the wall.

If you don’t have any ideas in mind but you know that your dining room needs a major update in order to look as good as the rest of the house looks that’s ok too. Our designers can come up with a design that they think would reflect your personality and look great in your home. Once you are happy with the mural design they will scale it to fit onto your wall and get painting. In no time at all your dining room will look as good as the dining area of a high end restaurant with a custom wall mural to give it some elegance and beauty. Call us today to get started on a custom quote for a dining room wall mural.


Our team has extensive experience crafting murals for specific needs, a trades mural or mural to match your interior design is a simple task for us. If you already have images that you want to use in your mural, such as a project that you’ve already completed and are very proud of, our design team can take those images and use them as the basis for a mural design. They can use your company’s colors and use your logo in the mural as well so that all of your best branding elements are represented in the mural. Some people may find a sticker mural could do the job, but the truth is an adhesive or stick on mural almost always looks unauthentic and temporary – not the impression you want to leave on customers.

If you don’t have designs in mind already our designers and artists will be happy to come up with a totally unique design for you that will reflect your business, what you do best, and what you want your business to represent. Community images and local landmarks or many other features could end up playing roles in your custom mural.

Our design team will keep you informed every step of the way. You will get to see sketches and ideas that they come up with and you will have the final approval of any design. Once you’re happy with the design our team will develop an installation plan and start painting your mural.

We paint murals of all sizes, in all locations.
Contact us today to get a free estimate on your custom wall mural project.

Every mural is a unique work of art, and we take into consideration a myriad of factors when designing and conceptualizing a custom wall mural Toronto. Your project may require a piece of art to be designed from scratch to your requirements or vision.

Location is an essential aspect because working a mural into the final site in a creative manner is always an excellent way to deliver stunning results. Additionally, we’ll consider your subject matter and any unique resources we may need to complete the project.

Whether you have an entirely vague idea or a well-developed design brief, we will work with you to create a mural to fit your needs perfectly. Our artists are highly trained and practice a variety of artistic styles ranging from classical to contemporary. This enables us to provide fantastic results that meet your needs.

We are experienced in taking existing imagery and enlarging it to fit on a variety of surfaces. This is commonplace in custom wall mural painting, and we are well-versed in a range of techniques. Let us help you determine the best way of executing your project, depending on where the mural is destined for and gaining access to the location.

Whether the image needs to be painted freehand, projected onto the surface or delivered using a grid format, we have the expertise to render your mural with exacting precision on even the roughest and most rugged of surfaces.

Planning a mural project is just about the most important part of the job. During this phase, we assess the specific needs of your custom wall mural project, and answer commonly asked questions such as:

– What permits are required?
– What sort of access will we have?
– Will we need any special resources?
– Do we need to rent any specific equipment?
– What methods are available to us to enlarge imagery?

These questions are just an example of our process, which is much more detailed and customized to each specific mural painting project.

When it comes to accurate colour representation, we are obsessed with perfection.

We understand that brands and corporations are obsessed with their specific colours, this is just one of the reasons why we take this matter to heart. Rest assured, we are experienced in matching colours to the highest standards. When faced with colour challenges we have a track record of achieving the finest, most accurate colours available.

If you have any questions or concerns about matching your colours, please give us a call.

Painting custom wall murals often takes us to new heights, which are often overlooking busy streets or areas.

During the mural project we take all precautions to ensure that our work is conducted in a safe and thoughtful manner. This may include working on aspects of the job at unusual hours when traffic is low, or having special consideration for property in the vicinity. No two projects are the same and each is carefully evaluated to ensure that murals are painted in a safe and careful manner.


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