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Custom Dorm Room Murals

Dorm rooms are notoriously drab and usually kind of depressing. But you can liven up your child’s dorm room by having a custom dorm room wall mural painted for them. With a custom dorm room mural, your child will have a much more comfortable and personalized space that they can relax in or study in without feeling confined or feeling like they are living in a dorm. Most dorms have no problems with custom murals as long as the walls are repainted to their original shade before your child moves out of the dorm, just like a rental apartment.

You should probably check with your child’s roommate if they have one before going ahead with a full dorm room mural that goes around the entire room. But if your child has a single room or you just want a custom mural on one wall that is on your child’s side of the room a custom mural is a fantastic way to help your child make the transition to living on their own.

If your child had a personalized wall mural in their bedroom at home a similar mural on their dorm room wall might help them feel more comfortable in the dorm. But it also might be a great time to try something new and have some more grown-up art created on the wall.

Tie-dye and geometric patterns in many colors are great for dorm room murals. So are scenes of college life like studying done in colors that are similar to the colors that are in the bedding and other accessories in the room. Let your child take the lead when it comes to designing the mural since they will be the one living with the mural. Your child may have some great ideas for elements that they would like incorporated into the mural like a high school class mascot or images that represent friends that they are close to.

If you want to be sure that your child’s dorm room reflects his or her unique spirit and point of view dorm room wall murals are a great way to do that. We can design a mural that will fit on any dorm room wall. We can create a mural in a shared bathroom as well. If your child has a suite with an individual room and a shared bathroom a custom wall mural that extends the design into the shared bathroom can make both rooms look bigger and be more inviting to everyone in the space.

So if your child wants a dorm room wall mural or you want it for them give us a call today. Our designers are ready to start talking to you and your child about what elements and colors they would like to see in a custom mural for their dorm room. And it’s ok if you don’t have any ideas for a mural, or they don’t. Our design team members have decades of experience in fine art, painting, and design so they can create an original design just for your child that your child will love having in their dorm room.

If your child and their roommate get along well our design team can sit down with both of them to talk about what kinds of designs they like and what they would like to see in their dorm room. Talking to both of them will make it easier for our artists to create a room-wide mural that will give the kids the type of atmosphere they want. They will be able to work, play and sleep better when the room has a cohesive theme. And a mural is the perfect decoration to pull the entire room together and make it seem larger and more inviting. Wall mural ideas might even include a rack TV mural or graffiti mural.

If your child is heading off to school or is at school but is depressed in their dingy dorm room, call one of our design staff team members today to start a custom quote for a dorm room wall mural. You and your child will love how easy and affordable it is to transform a dorm room from a depressing box to a beautiful cozy sanctuary perfect for studying, lounging and sleeping. And if your child isn’t heading off to school until the fall that means that there will be plenty of time to find a unique wall mural design that your child loves before they move into the dorm.

Your custom quote for a dorm room mural is just a phone call away. So talk with one of our customer support specialists today to get the answers to any questions that you have about custom hand-painted murals and to set up an appointment for a free custom quote. You and your child will sleep easier knowing they are living in a space that feels like a home.

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