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Custom Floor Murals

If you want to bring the drama and make your business really stand out a custom painted floor mural is a fabulous way to do that. Floor murals get a lot of attention. And they are ideal for marketing your business on social media. When you post photos of your unique custom painted floor mural customers and clients from all over will want to come to your business to see the mural and get some selfies with it. When they share those photos on social media that will increase your social media reach even more. A custom floor mural is a fantastic way to make your business one of a kind that people will remember.

Popular Floor Mural Themes

Floor mural designs can be incorporated into the look and décor of any business. Popular themes for floor murals include kid friendly designs for day cares and child care facilities as well as schools like hopscotch squares, stepping stones, and other fun designs. Other businesses thrive with 3D floor murals that look amazing on social media and are a huge customer draw. Floor murals can also be used in bathrooms and offices to change the look of the building when it’s too expensive to change the flooring. Naturescapes like beaches and forest floors are extremely popular too.

Floor Murals For Homes

Floor murals aren’t just for businesses, they are a fantastic way for homeowners to dramatically change the look of an older or outdated floor. If you are selling your home and don’t want to invest in new flooring a floor mural can make the outdated flooring in your home appear to be stone, wood, or another popular flooring type. You can also brighten up old wood floors with geometric designs or mandala style designs that are perfect for Boho homes or rustic décor homes.

If you want to spruce up the floor on a porch, or in the garage workspace, or even in the bedroom a floor mural is the perfect way to do that. And if you want to create a stunning mosaic floor look in the foyer or in the kitchen a custom floor mural that is hand painted will turn your boring tile floor into a true work of art. An art mural could be the solution, or any other design mural that you see fit for your home. A cube mural is another fantastic way of expressing a unique look in your home.

Creating Floor Murals

Our design team has the training and experience to create beautiful custom floor murals on any type of flooring. When you request a custom quote for a floor mural our customer service team will ask you about the flooring that you have so our design team will be able to give you an accurate quote. But the artists we hire have the education and skill to create beautiful custom floor murals on all different types of flooring so you don’t have to worry if your floors aren’t perfect. Creating a custom mural for your floor can still be done even if your floors aren’t in the best shape.

Painted floor murals will last a lot longer than temporary solutions like vinyl decals. And once the floor mural is painted and sealed it’s as easy to clean as a regular floor. When you use vinyl decals or other temporary types of floor art you have to use special techniques and cleaners to clean the floor in order to avoid damaging them. But a sealed custom floor mural is just as durable as the actual floor. It will look great for years and the colors will stay vibrant and be inviting. Even if you are getting a custom floor mural for a business that gets a lot of foot traffic a hand painted floor mural will continue to look great for a long time and won’t need any maintenance other than an occasional touch up over the years.

When you talk to our design team they will ask you some questions about the type of floor mural that you want to have created. If you have some ideas that you want to explore they can talk with you about possible themes and how to incorporate them into a custom mural. You will be involved in the design process as much as you want to be to make sure that you’re getting exactly the type of mural that you want.

If you want to explore how a custom hand painted floor mural would look in your home or in your business call us today to start the quote process. Our fine artists and designers will be happy to discuss your ideas and what you’d like to see in your custom floor mural so that they can give you an accurate cost quote. You may be surprised at how affordable it is to get a unique piece of art painted on your floors that will totally transform the look and feel of your home and business. Let’s get started. Call us today.

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