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Custom Florist Murals

People expect a florist’s shop to be filled with color and life. And on the inside of the shop, the flowers and plants do a beautiful job of transforming the space into a gorgeous riot of color and texture. But what about the outside of the shop? If you are not using a custom wall mural to advertise your floral shop you are missing an opportunity to transform the neighborhood and make your shop stand out as the brightest one on the block.

A custom wall mural on the outside of a floral shop tells everyone that walks by, drives by or cycles by that fresh blooming flowers can be found inside. Bright florals and rich vivid colors on the outside of the building will make people want to come inside and see what’s blooming inside. And a big custom floral mural will make your shop a destination attraction that people will come to see from all over the city. If you want to make sure that people think of your floral shop when they think about giving flowers for birthdays, holiday and anniversaries you need a brilliant custom mural on the outside of your shop to brand your business.

Social Media Ready Marketing

Social media marketing is a huge asset for small businesses. There are many examples of small businesses that have become permanent fixtures in a community thanks to social media marketing. And what really gets people’s attention on social media are beautiful photos that are unique and eye-catching. When you invest in a mural you are creating a piece of art that is the perfect social media marketing ad for your business.

There are many art mural concepts that would benefit a florist. Some mural design ideas include forest mural or flower mural obviously.

When you post photos of your business sporting a giant floral mural your followers will be drawn to the post and to your shop. They will come from all over to take selfies in front of your mural. And those photos will get shared all over the Web which will increase your visibility and get people to come to your shop or call and order flowers from your shop. Holiday, anniversaries, birthdays, and other occasions that call for flowers will make people think about your mural and order from your shop.

If you want to be sure that your business is getting notices on popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter a wall mural created just for you that incorporates your logo, your business colors, and some stunning floral motifs are exactly what your shop needs.

Connecting With The Community

Most small businesses rely on customers from their neighborhood. If you want to build goodwill in the community and really engage with the people that live near your shop a wall mural is a great way to do that. Giving the neighborhood the gift of unique art is a smart way to show that your shop is invested in the neighborhood and that your shop is a good neighbor. When you connect with the people in the community they will support your shop by coming to you to buy flowers for proms, dances, church events, and other local events as well for holidays, birthdays and other occasions. People who get married in the neighborhood will come to your shop to get flowers for their weddings. Companies will use your shop to bring in flowers when they are having special dinners and events. By working hard to beautify the area and build relationships with the people who live there you will get a huge return in the form of dedicated business from the people that live in the neighborhood.

Friendly Florals

A wall mural for a floral shop can be more creative than murals for other types of businesses. Gorgeous garden motifs, blooming flowers, and other natural landscape paintings make great outdoor murals. Floral landscape scenes will make the neighborhood look more serene and peaceful as well as adding some great pops of color to a commercial section of town.

Get Started Today

If you are eager to find out more about how an outdoor mural for a floral shop can help your business gives us a call today. Our designers have decades of experience and they are waiting to talk to you about your own unique custom mural. Our design staff will be happy to talk to you about your ideas for a custom mural and help you decide what size the mural should be, where it should be placed, and make other decisions about your mural. Then they can give you a price quote for a custom floral mural that can be hand painted on your floral shop in order to impress the community, attract customers, and help you with your social media marketing efforts. Call one of our customer support specialists today to find out more and get the process of creating a custom mural started.

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