Florists are in a fun and colourful business and they should have fun and colourful custom signs to promote their business. Hand-painted signs are one of the best ways that you can promote your business and get the attention of customers. Hand-painted signs in unique shapes featuring bright and brilliant colours just like the colours in the flowers in your shop will make customers stop and take notice as they walk and drive by. Colourful hand-painted signs for your delivery vehicle and gorgeous wraps for those vehicles will promote your business when your delivery drivers are bringing your beautiful floral arrangements to customers all over the area. No two flowers are like and your sign should be just as unique as those flowers to solidify your brand and promote your work.

We have the best team of artists and designers in the area who will work with you to create the perfect custom sign for your floral business. Our designers know how to work with colour and imagery to promote your brand perfectly. They can match any colour paint so if you use a particular colour to represent your business in your logo or lettering they can make sure that colour is in your sign. And they can resize your logo or other images that you want to use to make sure they will look good on any size sign that you want to use.

By using your own custom graphics, fonts and lettering, and colours you can help promote your brand and make sure that customers recognize your colours and imagery. And if you want to have a custom sign made that is in a unique shape or size so that it fits into your shop space or helps make your business unique our design team can create a sign in any shape or size that you want. They can even paint a lovely mural on the outside of your shop featuring blooming colourful flowers to beautify the neighbourhood and promote your business.


Hand-painted signs are quickly becoming the hottest trend for creative businesses like floral shops and store signs. When you work in an industry where creativity matters and is essential for creating great products having a hand painted custom designed sign shows customers that you value creativity and uniqueness. That tells customers that you have the creativity to make gorgeous floral arrangements that they will be proud to give to their loved ones.

Hand-painted signs also last a lot longer than vinyl signs or banners. Custom hand painted signs are made from materials that are designed to look great for a long time even if they are sitting out in rough weather. Our artists know how to use paint to create impact and they use materials that will hold up even in the roughest weather. Our signs will look great for years without any heavy maintenance. A simple touch up here and there will ensure that your custom sign looks fantastic throughout the years. And because custom signs are made to last you can count on your sign to successfully promote your business for years to come.

Custom signs for florists also are unique works of art all by themselves that can highlight your business. So if your florist shop is in a heavily populated area and you need a sign that is really going to get attention a custom hand-painted sign with a unique shape or colour palette is the ideal way to promote your business while staying on brand. If your sign is unique enough and clever enough it also might end up going viral through social media. Hand-painted signs are pieces of art that many people find appealing and love sharing with other people so a great sign that is photographed and posted on social media could mean reaching an entirely new niche market just because of the beauty and creativity of the sign. Custom designed hand painted signs will show off the unique character of your shop and your brand.


The cost of a custom designed sign might seem high at first compared to vinyl signs or banners. But vinyl signs and banners don’t have the long-lasting impact that custom designed signs have. Vinyl signs and banners need to be replaced often and they don’t have the staying power that a custom designed sign has, especially for florists who pride themselves on creativity and uniqueness. The cost of getting a custom sign made is an investment in your brand and in investment in your business that will pay off in the long run. Call one of our friendly design team staff members today to find out more about a custom design sign for your floral business.

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