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Custom Girls Room Murals

A beautiful custom hand painted mural is the perfect decoration for a girls room. A mural is a great way to let your little girl express her unique personality while still having décor that is a little different and not just generic little girl art. Murals are also great for older girls who are trying to find their own unique aesthetic. A hand-painted mural lets them be individuals and choose their own design elements, themes, and colors.

If you want your little girl to have something truly unique to decorate her room check out some of the benefits of a hand painted girls room wall mural:

Unique Headboard

Many parents put a child’s bed up against the wall without a separate headboard. A custom wall mural done on the wall where your child’s bed goes can be a pretty and whimsical headboard design for your child’s bed. This can be done even in a rental and it’s a great way to personalize a rental apartment or home and make your little girl feel like she has her own unique space. A headboard mural can incorporate the design of an actual headboard or it can use other elements like angels flying over the bed, fairies surrounding the bed, or other fun ideas.

Keeps Monsters Away

If your little girl is afraid of the dark or afraid of the monsters under the bed or in the closet a custom wall mural is a creative way to give your daughter the confidence she needs to face those monsters at night. A wall mural of her favorite heroines from children’s books like Hermione or Anne will give her courage and keep the monsters at bay at night so she can sleep.

Defines The Space

If your child has a large room that is also a playroom, a reading nook, and a homework space as well as a sleeping space a wall mural can help define the different areas of the room so that the room looks more orderly and functions more efficiently. A mural of favorite toys could define the play area, or a mural that looks like a classroom or a library could define a workspace or homework area.

Encourages Imagination

One of the best ways to encourage your child to grow their imagination is to provide them with a creative stimulus. A wall mural will inspire your child to dream about adventures or to see themselves participating in their favorite stories, or to imagine themselves in different careers. A wall mural is far more than just decoration. It’s the gateway to a world of adventure.

Creates Calm

If you have a child that has anxiety, depression, ADHD or another type of disorder that can make it difficult for them to relax and calm down at the end of the day a pretty custom wall mural can encourage a sense of calm and well being. By making a mural out of images that your daughter finds soothing and cheerful like flowers, horses, or even geometric shapes you are turning her room into a space that will promote a feeling of calm relaxation.

Why Choose Us

Our fine artists have years of experience designing and creating murals for girls rooms. The designs and artists on our staff can work with you and your daughter to create the room of her dreams with a beautiful wall mural. Nature themed wall murals, fantasy wall murals, and many other types of murals are all possible. Your daughter can have as much input as she wants to make this mural something that is really hers.

When it comes to girl bedroom decor, girl bedroom ideas, and girl room decor there are many wall mural ideas that will make the space much more appealing.

Our staff members are the best in the local area when it comes to custom murals. They have spent years painting and designing so that they can create masterful works of art by hand for our customers. And they can work with any size wall as a canvas. So whether your daughter’s room is large or small we can create a custom mural for her wall or for an entire room that will give her an ideal space for dreaming, working, playing and sleeping. And as your daughter grows up the mural can be adjusted or redone to fit her changing tastes. But her room will always be unique and something that is just for her.

If you want your daughter to have the bedroom of her dreams a custom wall mural is a way to give it to her. A new wall mural as a birthday or holiday surprise is a great gift and our artists will be happy to work around your schedule to get the mural painted if you want it to be a surprise.  To find out more about custom murals for a girls room or to start a free quote for a hand-painted mural for your little girl’s room call us today. One of our customer service specialists will be happy to talk with you about the design process and the cost of custom murals.

We paint girls room murals of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.