Custom made girls room signs are a fun way to add some personality and creativity to the décor in your daughter’s room. High-quality custom made signs will look great while still adding a whimsical touch to the décor in the room. Professionally designed and made signs for girls rooms are your chance to give your little girl the room she’s always wanted. And since custom made signs are easy to install and take down when her taste changes as she gets older you can remove the personalized sign without damaging the walls in the room.

Girls room signs that are custom made are the perfect present for baby showers, birthdays, holidays, and special gifts for no reason at all. If someone you love is having a baby girl and you don’t know what to get for the baby shower talk to one of our talented designers about a personalized and hand-painted sign for the nursery. It will become a treasured keepsake and may be the best gift at the shower.

All of the members on our design team have years of experience and formal education in art and design. We have fine artists who can create a beautiful fairytale inspired signs or other customized signs for girls of any age. The colours, fonts, and other design elements can be picked by you to make sure that the sign is something that your little girl will love.

And if you have an older daughter that is going off to college or getting her first apartment a customized sign is a great way to recognize her new independence and help her decorate her first home away from home. Talk to one of our design team members today to get a free quote for a custom girls room sign.


If you want to have a custom hand-painted girls room sign made but you’re not sure what type of sign your daughter would like to check out some of the most popular girl’s room sign theme ideas for inspiration and then call one of our design team members to get a free quote for a girls room sign:


If your little princess loves TV a custom sign that features some of her favourite TV characters, anime characters, or video game characters is a great gift. There are hundreds of options when it comes to choosing TV and media-themed sign designs for your little girl’s room. You can customize the character, wardrobe colours, font and letter colours, and even the size and shape of the sign. Make a list of her favourite characters and talk with a design team staff member to start brainstorming ideas for a sign.

Classic Characters

Classic characters from beloved children’s books are always a good choice for girls room signs. From The Hungry Caterpillar to Lyle The Crocodile to My Little Pony there are dozens of different characters from books that can be used as the inspiration for a girl’s room sign. Older girls will love signs made with the theme of Anne Of Green Gables, Little House On The Prairie, Pippi Longstocking and other young adult books. And signs with literary characters may encourage your daughter to read more.

Fairy Tale Characters

Bring your daughter’s favourite fairy tales to life with girls room signs featuring her favourite princesses, witches, and other fairy tale characters. Every little girl should have her own fairy godmother sign in her room. Or a sign with other fairy tale characters that she loves from both movies and classic fairy tales.

Barbie And Glam

If your daughter prefers Barbie to princesses and is a budding fashionista then girls room signs made with Barbie themes or made up to look like Pinterest fashion pins with trendy colours and styles might be the perfect signs for her room. There are lots of cool and glamorous design inspirations that can easily be used to inspire fun personalized signs that will be the perfect finishing touch to your daughter’s fashionable room décor.


Every little girl loves animals. From puppies and kittens and horses to mythical animals like dragons and unicorns animals are always a fun choice, especially for younger girls. You can have a girls room sign made to look like a favourite pet, or a pet that she would like to have someday. Or you can get a girls room sign inspired by her favourite animals and books and movies like The Black Stallion or Black Beauty.


Nature scapes like fall leaves, massive weeping willows, sunshine and green fields are very popular designs for girls room signs. Natura inspired signs are a great fit for girls as they grow because the signs are perfect for girls of all ages. And they can be created to match any existing décor. Our design team will be happy to help you create the perfect girl’s room sign for your daughter.

We paint custom girl’s room signs of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.


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