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Custom Gym & Fitness Murals

A unique gym wall mural is an exciting way to motivate your clients and make the gym a fun place to be. Most people don’t like going to the gym but they know that they need exercise to stay healthy. So smart gym owners make sure that they do everything they can to make the gym a fun and motivating place. Wall murals are the perfect decoration for a gym. Usually, gym walls are made of heavy concrete or other materials that can make it difficult to hang photos and other types of art. But a hand painted mural livens up the space and will keep people motivated to workout when they are fading during their gym time.

Gym murals full of bright colors and fun images of people in motion enjoying sports, dancing, and doing other physical activities will keep people focused on completing their exercise. If the gym walls are boring white or clinical looking gray that can bring people down and make them not excited about exercising.

Custom wall murals give you the chance to connect with your clients and keep the energy high while still working on branding your gym. For example, a gym that is focused on a nerd clientele might have mural collages of famous superheroes or video game characters doing gym activities. A woman’s only gym might have murals combined with motivational quotes that will inspire women to exercise often. And a gym centered on weight lifting might have a mural showing people competing in weightlifting competitions.

In order to further increase the branding of your gym our talented artists can use the colors that you use for the gym and include your logo in different parts of the mural so that subconsciously people will associate those fun murals with the gym and want to keep coming back. And of course, since people share selfies of themselves doing everything these days, it’s a smart idea to have the gym name or logo in the mural so that when people share selfies of themselves near the mural and share them on social media your gym’s name and logo is getting shared too.

Exterior Murals

Gym buildings are often heavy duty or industrial style buildings which can look a little intimidating from the outside. An exterior mural will make the gym seem more friendly and accessible so that people who are driving by or walking by will want to stop in and see what the gym is all about. And a large wall mural makes the gym easier to find too so new clients won’t get lost or not be able to find the building.

An exterior wall mural on a gym can have images of all the different activities that are available inside. So a mural might have images of people swimming if the gym has a pool. Or images of people playing tennis or basketball or doing yoga.

A custom exterior mural is more affordable than you might think. And our talented design team can put an exterior mural on buildings of any shape or size, even buildings with multiple stories. Most murals can be completed quickly even though they are all hand painted for a unique and artistic effect.

Why Choose Us

We employ the finest artists in the local area. Each design team has a mix of professionals ranging from a fine artist who can hand paint almost anything to a graphic designer who can offer image and design advice and a construction expert who can figure out how to put a mural on any type of building or surface. Together our mixed discipline teams give you a complete picture of the design, the painting process, and the installation of the custom mural that you want. With decades of experience between them they haven’t found a project yet that was too challenging or that was difficult to complete.

No matter what type of building you have our design team can create exactly the right custom mural for you and your gym. A gym mural can feature many mural designs including a photo mural, TV support mural, or other custom wall murals.

Start Today

Give one of our customer service specialists a call today to start the profess of getting a custom mural. One of our designers will be happy to work with you and get you a free custom quote for a hand painted gym mural that your clients will love. You can tell them what design ideas you have if you already have some designs in mind. If you don’t already have design ideas for a mural for your gym our professional designers will work with you to create a rough draft of a gorgeous custom wall mural that will be hand painted just for you. And they won’t stop designing until you are thrilled with the design. So call us today and let’s get started.

We paint gym murals of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.