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Custom Hospital & Clinic Murals

Wall murals can transform a hospital or clinic from a depressing clinical setting to a cheerful place that promotes calmness and well being as well as happiness. A custom wall mural for hospitals is an ideal way to make people more comfortable and give the staff who work in the hospital a workplace that will help them manage the considerable stress that medical professionals deal with on a daily basis.

Unique wall murals that are hand painted can promote happiness and lower stress. And hand-painted wall murals that are painted with low VOC paint are safer for a hospital setting than vinyl murals that may contain toxic inks or have particles that can trigger allergies in patients. Bacteria and other nasty things can also land on vinyl and take root, which can spread staph germs and actually make people sick unless the vinyl murals are wiped down every day with antiseptic cleaner. But a painted mural that is properly sealed won’t pose any additional health risks to the people in the hospital and won’t need the kind of maintenance and upkeep that a vinyl banner would need.

A hand-painted custom mural is a perfect choice for a hospital. And soothing natural landscape murals that are painted on the wall instead of being printed on vinyl are more aesthetically pleasing showcasing true artistry that conveys dedication and commitment beyond the imagery and ultimately having a stronger impact on patients.

Why Murals Are Perfect For Hospitals & Clinics

There are huge areas of hospitals where patients end up sitting and waiting for hours without being able to look out of a window or go outside. Some patients may spend an entire day sitting in a waiting room or a treatment room. Pretty and relaxing hand painted murals provide something for the patients to look at and a natural outdoor scape that can help them feel less trapped inside. The murals also can make the workplace less cold and sterile for the staff who spend upwards of 10 hours at work daily.

Looking at nature can lower the blood pressure and promote relaxation. While looking at a mural of nature isn’t quite the same as being out in nature it can still have calming effects and it can lower anxiety. Since there is usually a lot of anxiety, sadness, depression, and fear around a hospital the more murals there are scattered around the hospital the more chances there are for people to feel better.

Many murals can help patients feel at ease such as a cube mural, tree mural, or support mural. Some may consider a sticker mural but we feel hand-painting is the only way to get a true custom look exactly the way you want it.

Just looking at a pretty hand painted piece of art can make people feel better. And that’s a great reason to have murals in a hospital. But there are more reasons too. Calm patients are less likely to act out, get aggressive, have panic attacks or cause problems in other ways. So using original art to keep the patients calm is something that benefits everyone in the hospital. Patients who need to be in the hospital for awhile will get better more quickly and are better able to stand medically necessary confinement with a mural in their rooms.

Hand Painted Murals In A Vast Range Of Designs

Naturescapes and murals of the natural world are very popular for hospitals. Bringing a sense of the outdoors creates a bigger space and helps patients feel less claustrophobic and more at ease. But there are other types of murals that can be appropriate for hospitals as well. In the pediatrics wing murals of cute farm animals, cartoon characters, numbers, letters or TV characters are very popular and help kids deal with the stress of being in the hospital and not feeling well. In other areas of the hospital themes like sports and calming images of meditation or prayer might be used to create a sense of peace and tranquility.

If you have designs in mind for the mural that you want in your hospital our designers will be happy to work with you to make those ideas into a cohesive mural. But if you don’t have anything in mind our design team will be happy to work with you to come up with some original art mural ideas that will work perfectly in a hospital setting. Our designers have the education and experience needed to find the right mural design for your hospital.

Let’s Get Started

If you have questions about custom designed murals or the installation of custom hand painted murals call one of our customer service professionals today to get the answers you need. Or if you’re ready to move ahead with the design process one of our customer service pros will be happy to set you up with a design team member to get a free custom quote for a custom mural or multiple custom murals. With just a little background information our team will create an estimate that will show you how affordable custom art and wall murals can be.

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