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Hospital Signs

If you need custom hospital signs for a hospital or medical facility our design team can match your existing sign style or give you a completely new style and make sure that the signs in your facility give patients and families the information they need while still looking good. Hospital signs are unique in that they often need to contain very specific information to help patients and families as well as staff members find their way around the facility.

Hospital signs need to look polished and professional while also having some personality. Our experienced design team can use the colours and logos of your hospital brand and incorporate them into signs that will be clear and easy to follow but still retain the look and feel of the design of the facility.

Updating Signs

If you have some existing signs in your hospital or medical facility but you need to have new signs made for an expansion or you need to update the information and look of some existing signs our team members can create updated signs that will fit into the existing décor without looking out of place. And our hand painted and custom designed signs will add a unique touch to areas of the hospital where a little personality can help put patients at ease like in the children’s wing or in waiting rooms where people have to spend a lot of time.

Updating existing signs and adding some personality to the existing signage is a good way to make sure that the people coming to the hospital get accurate information and make sure that the hospital doesn’t look old or outdated. No one wants to get care from a facility that looks old or worn out.

Keeping signs updated throughout the hospital is also something that should be done regularly. As departments move around or are added all the existing signs throughout the hospital need to be updated in order to provide accurate information about where things are and how to find different departments within the hospital. Our team members can update and remake signs whenever necessary so that the signs are all accurate.

They will make sure that the updated signs fit seamlessly into the existing style of the signs so that the new signs blend in perfectly with the existing signs.

High Tech Hospital Signs

If you need updated high tech signs like lighted signs that are necessary to guide people where to go as they arrive and park at the hospital or facility our design team will work with you to create unique signs that will be visible from every angle so that stressed out or anxious people won’t be able to miss them as they drive through the facility grounds.

Parking signs and lit signs directing people to different medical departments are very important to make sure that people know where to go and our design team will make sure that your hospital signs are designed to get noticed even by people who are not paying a lot of attention to things like signs because they are in the midst of a medical emergency.

The Best Team

You only employ the best medical staff in your hospital or medical facility and we only hire the best local artists and designers because we know that quality matters. Our designers and fine artists have years of formal education and on the job experience and training in creating unique and high-quality bespoke signs for all kinds of businesses including hospital and medical facility signs.

They will take your design ideas and turn them into unique hospital signs that you can be proud of. Or, if you don’t have any specific design ideas but know that you want signs done in a certain style they will create designs for you that incorporate the hospital logo, brand colours, and any other information that you want to have included in the sign design.

The Best Quality

We know that custom hospital signs need to last and all of our signs are made of the highest quality materials. Wood, metal, and other materials can be used to create high-quality signs that will look great and continue to provide important information even when the signs are subjected to harsh weather outdoors or from doors that are constantly opening and closing.

You can be sure that the hospital signs our team creates for you will continue to give your hospital or medical facility a sophisticated image and look great no matter what season it is or how bad the weather gets. And we can create signs in any shape or size to fit any size facility. It doesn’t matter if you have a small medical facility or a large hospital complex our team can create the signs you need.

We paint custom hospital signs of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.