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Custom Kids Room Murals

A kids room wall mural is a fun and creative way to give each of your kids a unique space that is just their own. Kids love things that are theirs and have their own one of a kind stamp on them. A wall mural gives each child the chance to have a one of a kind room that reflects their own unique personality. If your kids share rooms wall murals are a smart and whimsical way to divide the space. Rather than opting for a kids wallpaper or wallpaper murals, kids room decor is better improved via a custom painted mural. Each child can have their own one of a kind mural on the walls on their side of the room. That way there’s no fighting over the space and they can contribute to kids room ideas. Here are a few other benefits that come from getting hand painted unique wall murals in your children’s rooms:

Calming Space

If your children or one of your children has ADHD, anxiety, depression, or is on the Autism spectrum creating a unique space for them can help them calm down and relax when they are feeling angry, irritated or upset and they are acting out. By creating a mural filled with images and colors that they find soothing you are giving them space where they can regroup and calm down. You are also making sure that they have a place where they feel safe and calm to go to when they are upset. This can help kids learn how to process and manage their emotions.

Make A Small Room Bigger

OK, so a mural can’t actually increase the square footage of a room. But it can make the room seem bigger because it will make the room look more open and interesting. And if your child has a very small room you can skip the bedframe and a bulky headboard. A platform bed set up against the wall where the mural is will make the mural function as a headboard so that you can get more usable space in the room. This is a smart design trick for kids rooms, especially kids that share rooms. When kids are sharing rooms space is hard to come by so getting rid of headboards and choosing unique hand painted wall murals instead will make the room seem a few inches larger.

Easy Transformation

Getting a personalized wall mural is a fast and easy way to transform a room. Having one of our professional artists create a beautiful hand-painted mural on your child’s wall is an affordable and easy way to turn a blah bedroom into a gorgeous work of art that your child will love. If you don’t have time to spend painstakingly finding décor items for your child’s room a mural is a smart way to decorate the room.

Professional Artists

Our design and art teams are made up of professional artists who have decades of experience hand painting murals. The designs they create are true works of art that will last for years. Quality matter to us the same way that it matters to you and we won’t rest until we know that you and your child love the mural that we create for you. With advanced degrees in painting and fine arts the artists, we hire know the right techniques to create stunning murals. And we make sure they have all the backup support they need to make sure the mural is scaled properly and looks fantastic from the start.

The Design Process

The design process for a kids room wall mural starts with you. If you have some designs in mind already, or if your child does, our artists can use that as a starting point to create a wall mural that will reflect your child’s interests. From there, our artists will use the elements, colors, and images that you suggest to create a cohesive mural that will look great in the space that you have.

But if you don’t have any designs or colors in mind that’s fine too. Our team will ask you some questions about your child and use your answers to create a playful child-friendly mural design that will make your child’s room look and feel like their own private oasis.

Nursery Murals

If you have a child on the way that hasn’t arrived yet and you are getting the nursery ready a custom mural is the perfect addition to a nursery. Our artists can create beautiful murals with classic childhood themes for your nursery in any colors that you want. We can custom match your nursery colors too.

Get A Custom Quote

Call today to start the process of getting a custom quote for a kids room wall mural or a nursery wall mural. Our helpful customer service staff will be able an answer any questions that you have and make an appointment for you to receive a custom quote for your wall mural.

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