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Kids Room Signs

If you want to dress up your kid’s rooms and give them a way to express their personality without making the room look terrible custom kids room signs are a fun way to do that. Custom wooden and metal signs, hand-painted signs, and hand-lettered signs for kids give your kids the chance to express their own personalities in an artistic and polished way that will make the room look great.

Custom kids room signs are easy to change out so that if your child’s interests change as they grow you can easily change their kids room decor with new ones that are more in keeping with their changing tastes. Kids room signs are also great for renters who don’t want to have to worry about repainting the walls when they move out. Custom signs can be made in any size and shape and they are easy to remove and hang somewhere else when it’s time.

Why Professional Custom Kids Room Signs Are Great

Getting a professional artist to design signs for your kids is a great way to get real professional art that will look great in their rooms and will still reflect the unique style of each child. You can get custom kids room signs made in any style so that no matter what your kid is into it can be turned into a piece of custom art that your child will love because they got to help design it. Custom art will also help your child develop their own artistic sense.

The Most Popular Kids Room Signs

Our staff of experienced designers and artists can turn any interest into a piece of custom art. But there are some themes and types of art that are always very popular in kids rooms. The most popular types of signs for kids rooms and kid-friendly spaces like playrooms include things like:

Cartoon Characters

If your kids are at that age where they love animated cartoons getting their favourite characters featured on custom signs is a creative way to give them high-quality art that they will really like. Whether the characters are from TV shows, movies, or video games cartoon characters make fun art for kids of all ages.

Nursery Rhymes

For infants and young children our team often creates custom art for parents that features classic nursery rhyme characters like Mother Goose, Humpty Dumpty and other classic nursery rhyme characters. Custom art with a nursery rhyme theme is also a fantastic shower gift for a friend or relative that is having a baby shower. If you don’t know the name or the sex of the child our designers can create unisex designs that will fit into any nursery and any type of décor beautifully.

Harry Potter Custom Artwork

For middle school and older kids, Harry Potter themed custom room signs are extremely popular. Our artists can create beautiful works of art set in the Harry Potter world and featuring some of the beloved Harry Potter characters for your kids. And with hand painted letters and other professional touches these works of art will be beautiful display pieces even after your child gets older.

Sports And Outdoors

Sport and outdoor theme kids art are also very popular. If your child loves to play baseball, soccer, football, or baseball our artists can create fun and creative signs that feature your child’s team colours if they play in an organized league. Ballet, dance, horseback riding, tennis, swimming and other sports can also be the theme for some whimsical kids room signs that can be customized for each child that you have.

The Arts

If your child loves music and plays an instrument or is involved in theatre or other artistic hobbies kids room signs that feature their hobby are a great way to show your support for their passion and give them some unique art for their room or art studio that will make them feel grown up and special. Your child can be involved in the design of the sign if they want to be so that they can feel like the art that our designers make is really reflective of what they love to do. These types of kids rooms signs make fantastic holiday presents or gifts to celebrate an achievement like getting the lead role in a play or musical.

Future Occupations

Does your child want to be a fashion designer? Or a teacher? Or a firefighter? Let’s create a custom sign that will inspire their future career choice and reflect their interests. The designers and artists on our design team will be happy to work with you and your children to create custom hand painted kids room signs that will hopefully inspire your kids to chase their dreams and work hard to find an occupation that they love as they get older.

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