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Custom Kitchen Murals

If you want to transform your kitchen without spending a fortune a kitchen wall mural is one of the best ways to do that. Fans of popular home design shows, as well as people who spend a lot of time on social media and Pinterest, know that design bloggers are often seen showcasing kitchen wall murals as a new on-trend design. That’s because kitchen design is integral to the happiness of the people who live in the home and customizing the kitchen with a hand painted kitchen wall mural is a fantastic way to set your kitchen apart and personalize the design of your kitchen.

Safety First

Having a painted mural in your kitchen is a better way to jump on the trend of accent walls dominated by natural landscapes or other murals that are printed on vinyl. Vinyl murals that attach to the all are not sanitary for use in areas like kitchens and bathrooms where they may come into contact with bacteria. A properly sealed hand painted kitchen mural just needs to be washed once and awhile with a little soap in order to stay clean and bacteria free. But vinyl mural hangings will quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria when used in a kitchen or bathroom. That’s why anytime you want to have a trendy mural in the bathroom or kitchen you should get a hand-painted custom mural. Safety first.

Kitchen Mural Designs

Adding a custom kitchen mural is a great way to add some whimsy and fun to your kitchen décor. You can choose a soothing nature scape in the breakfast nook like a rising sun or an ocean view or a classic floral mural. Or you can choose something that fits into the décor of your kitchen. A mural of fun farm animals or stylized farmhouse chic designs looks amazing in a rustic kitchen. Or you can even get a mural painted of a vintage wallpaper design to copy the look of a vintage kitchen. There is no limit to the options available for designs when you have a custom mural painted.

Use Your Own Designs Or Ours

If you have images in mind or a certain style of décor that you want to use for a kitchen wall mural our designers and artists will work with you to find images and colors that will work with your existing kitchen to create a beautiful and cohesive mural. If you can dream it they can bring it to life. And they can match almost any color so if there’s a certain shade of red in the kitchen towels you want to use or a special shade of green that you want to use as an accent in the mural they can find a way to match that color.

But if you don’t have any design ideas or any idea where to start when it comes to what you want in your mural that’s ok too. Our artists and designers are very skilled at talking to people about the type of mural that they want in order to get clues about what type of design they want. Once our artists and designers have those clues they will create a stunning custom design for you. And they won’t stop designing until you’re happy with the design. You will be thrilled with the design before it is hand painted on the kitchen wall.

The Best Kitchen Murals On Social Media

If you spent a lot of time reading design blogs or browsing sites like Instagram and Pinterest you may have seen that your favorite bloggers and social media stars have custom kitchen wall murals. Not only does this help promote their individual aesthetic it also helps promote their brand. So if you have aspirations to be a social media design star or a social media blogger your custom kitchen wall mural could be part of your brand’s signature and help your brand stand out from the others. And with a custom mural that is hard to copy no one will be able to steal your unique photos and claim them as their own.

Perfect For Entertaining

Open concept kitchens are great for interacting with your guests but they don’t give the guests much to look at besides pots and pans and other cooking implements. A pretty custom kitchen wall mural gives your guests something to look at and talk about while you are cooking in the open concept kitchen. Guests can gather at a table or an island near the mural and not have a straight on view of the cooking processes that are going on while you get dinner ready. A custom kitchen mural makes your open concept kitchen more friendly for entertaining. Call us today to get a custom quote for a hand-painted mural for your kitchen.

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