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Custom Living Room Murals

Accent walls are a staple of family room, den, or living room design. They are a fantastic way to interject some personality into a room without having it become overwhelming. And a custom living room wall mural is one of the most dramatic but livable ways that you can create an accent wall in your living room. Huge blocks of colour in a room that is otherwise monochromatic can be jarring and can make the living room look off balance. But a colourful art mural will soften the accents of the colours and pull the entire room together so it looks like a cohesive space. And because there are endless mural design options for a custom living room wall mural, you can use the mural as a chance to amplify your own personal taste.

Natural Is Always Chic

Naturescapes and natural murals are always popular and always look great. If you have a small living room a natural landscape can help open the room up and make it look larger and more wide open. If you have a huge living room that looks big and empty a warm natural landscape on a targeted wall can serve as a focal point that brings the eye down and makes the room seem cozier. Even a mural of flowers can brighten up a builder beige room and give it some personality. And a moonscape done in a living room that has navy blue paint or accents looks fantastic and gives off a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Whimsical Wall Murals For The Living Room

Of course, you don’t have to go with a natural theme with all living room wall murals. The living room is where you live so it should reflect your personality. If nature isn’t your thing then a mural that reflects your interests is always chic. Maybe you want a mural of pets and animals in the living room. Or a mural of your favorite genre of TV shows or favorite literary characters. Geometric designs, abstract patterns, bright colours or pastel colours, whatever you find exciting can be used to create a dramatic wall mural for your living room.

A custom living room wall mural is also great if you are a blogger or social media personality that is trying to build your own brand. When you take photos of your home for your blog or social media channels having a custom living room wall mural will really make your home photos stand out. You will know that no one will be able to copy or steal your photos without giving you credit because of the original and custom wall mural. That one of a kind design will ensure that no one is stealing your creative property online and passing it off as their own.

New Trends For Living Room Wall Murals

Because murals are always popular as home décor there are always new trends popping up in wall mural design. Some of the most popular new living room wall trends include bold patterns like a Moroccan tile pattern or a mosaic pattern and a new interpretation of vintage wallpaper designs. Vintage wallpapers are hard to find, and even if you could find them they would be difficult to work with. Some even were dangerous and contained lead as an ingredient to make some metallic effects and certain colours. Modern wallpapers are easy to work with but don’t have the same charm and appeal as those vintage papers. So if you love the look of vintage wallpaper but don’t want the hassle of wallpaper you can have a custom living room mural created that incorporates some of the same design patterns that vintage wallpapers have. Vintage inspired wall murals are fantastic for décor in the living room.

Get A Quote

If you are ready to get a quote for a custom living room wall mural call us today. Our customer service team will be happy to help you get started. You can talk to our design team of graphic designers and artists to find out more about the process of creating a living room mural and find out what a custom living room mural for your home would cost.

If you have some design ideas ready to go our talented artists and designers can take those ideas and build on them to create a beautiful wall mural for your living room. You can send them photos from books, photos from social media, or describe the influences that you like. From that, they will create a stunning custom wall mural design for your that will be hand painted on your living room wall or walls. If you don’t have any ideas don’t worry. Our artists have the experience and skill to figure out what type of mural would be perfect for you even if you don’t have a lot of design ideas.

We paint living room murals of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.