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Living Room Signs

Your living room should be a space where everyone wants to gather to spend time together, watch TV and movies, and just hang out. Custom living room signs are fun pieces of art that will make the room a little more polished while still making the space inviting and relaxing. The living room is the perfect place to show off your design aesthetic and indulge in some whimsical sign art that will make everyone who comes in your home want to hang out in there.

The designers on our team have many years of fine arts education and practical design experience so that they can help you take a simple idea or inspiration and use it as the basis for some beautiful living rooms signs that are custom made to fit your living room. It doesn’t matter if your living room is big or small our team members can design unique hand painted signs using images, colours, and inspirations from you to create signs in any shape or size. Large custom living room signs will help make a huge living room feel more cozy and warm instead of feeling large and empty. And fun signs in unusual sizes and colours will make a small living room feel more alive and less crowded.

Our design team members can work with the existing colours and style of your living room design to create living room signs that can be accents or the focal point of your living room. If you are renting and don’t want the hassle of painting an accent wall in your living room but you want to create a unique focal point in the room a custom living room sign is a great way to do that. A custom living room sign is also the perfect accessory to set off a trendy gallery wall featuring art or family photos.

If you’re not sure what you want to have on your custom living room signs here are some of the most requested topics and themes for custom living room signs. Use one of these ideas for your inspiration or just talk to our design team so they can create a custom design for you:

Family Photos And Name Signs

Custom living room signs that feature family photos, or your family name, or important dates like the birth dates of your children or the date of your marriage are very popular. Many people love to use personalized custom signs with unique hand lettering and other signature touches to set off a wall of family photos or other keepsakes. Custom living room signs that are designed around your family are a keepsake that many people love to display on their living room walls as an elegant reminder of the family that they love.

Quotes And Sayings

If you have a family quote that you use all the time or if you want to have inspirational quotes displayed in the living room custom living room signs that are hand lettered with inspirational sayings, religious quotes, or your favourite family quotes are a unique way to add personality to the room. And it’s also a nice way to remind yourself to stay positive and keep working on your goals every day. Surrounding yourself and your family with positive quotes and imagery is a great theme and décor for the living room where people like to hang out.


If you love your hobbies and love to do your hobbies in the living room then fun living room wall signs featuring those hobbies are a whimsical way to decorate the living room. Video gamers can get signs with their favourite video game characters on them. Knitters and crafters can use fun crafty inspired signs to make off work areas within the living room. And TV and film buffs can get custom living room signs made that have their favourite TV and movie characters and quotes on them to make the living room more festive. Sports and other hobbies also make great inspirations for custom living room wall signs that will add a lot of personality to your living space. Since that’s the space you are in most of the time why not use it to reflect your interests and hobbies? Custom living room wall signs will make your living room feel more personal.


Holiday living room signs are very popular, especially for Christmas and Easter. If you need the perfect backdrop for a Christmas card featuring your family a custom wall sign that has a festive look and lettering is a great choice. Custom living room signs with holiday themes make your holiday décor pop and look fantastic in social media posts, blog photos, and custom cards. Talk to our designers today about creating some holiday-themed unique living room signs today.

We paint custom living room signs of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.