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Custom Nursery Murals

One of the most fun parts of pregnancy is setting up the nursery. It’s a very special time when you’re setting up a nursery for your new arrival. And a custom nursery wall mural is a fantastic way to personalize the nursery for the new baby that is on the way. A custom nursery wall mural is the perfect way to make your nursery décor special and to create a peaceful place for your baby to sleep and grow. Nursery wall murals can be personalized with the child’s name, your family name, and other important details if you want to make them even more personalized. There are limitless designs that you can have painted on the nursery walls to welcome your baby to the world. And a sealed nursery wall mural with low VOC paint will be safer for the nursery than other types of décor.

Childhood Inspirations

No matter what colours you choose for the nursery, a custom wall mural can use the palette you’ve selected and expand it so that it looks great now and in the future as the baby grows. There are hundreds of child-appropriate themes that can be used to inspire a nursery wall mural. Baby animals and springtime themes are very popular when it comes to nursery mural designs. So are gender neutral designs that feature some of the most beloved characters from childhood books like The Cat In The Hat, Paddington Bear, and The Hungry Caterpillar. Disney characters and popular TV characters are also appropriate for a nursery mural wall. Kids room ideas and toddler room ideas can vary quite a bit, you may want to pull from girl nursery ideas or nursery wall decor that’s inline with your own childhood inspirations.

Classic mural designs featuring primary colours and shapes, letter and numbers will be ideal for stimulating your child’s brain and helping them learn as they grow. Toy blocks and other favorite toys are also fun choices for a nursery mural wall. But you can also choose natural landscapes and soothing colours to help the baby relax and sleep peacefully in the nursery. If you have a design in mind or you have a certain theme that you want to use for a custom hand-painted nursery mural our artists can work with your suggestions to create a unique piece of art just for your baby. And if you don’t have a particular theme in mind our artists and designers will be happy to talk with you about some fun designs and show you their portfolios so that you can get some ideas. They will use their creativity and experience to help you find the perfect nursery mural wall design for your new baby.

Home Daycare Nursery Murals

If you are not having a baby of your own but you are starting a home daycare and you want to create a special and fun place for the babies that you will be caring for a nursery mural is a great way to do that. It helps designate space for the infants in your home and will make your home a fun place for the infants and younger children to be each day. And the parents who are trusting you with their children will be thrilled to see that you have invested in a beautiful piece of unique art to make your home even more special for their children. A custom wall mural can also be used as part of your daycare branding to make your daycare stand out from the others in the local area. You might even want to use some of the mural design in your online marketing as a way to make your business stand out.

Get A Custom Quote

Now is the time to start planning for the nursery décor and talking to our designers about the right theme for your nursery. Call one of our customer care specialists today to start the process of getting a custom quote for a nursery mural wall in your home. Our team of creative professionals will take into account the space that you have available, the size of the mural that you want, the colours that you want to use, and other factors to create a quote for your own unique mural. You will love seeing a piece of beautiful hand painted art created just for your baby every time that you go into the nursery. And your child will grow up with a better imagination and sense of art when he or she is surrounded by custom art from the start.

So don’t wait because your baby definitely won’t wait. Call us today and get started with a custom quote. If you want to be sure that the mural is finished before the baby arrives now is the time to get started. That way your nursery will be beautiful, unique, and ready for your baby to come home and relax in a wonderful nursery.

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