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Custom Playroom Murals

A fun way to give your kids a unique play space that looks great and will help their imaginations grow is to get a custom playroom wall mural painted in your home. A playroom wall mural will kickstart your children’s creativity and encourage them to use their imaginations more when they play. A hand-painted mural also adds a touch of whimsy and fun to the play space and make it look artistic and pretty. Get a custom playroom wall mural on one wall or on all the walls to totally transform the space into a magical playland for the kids.

If you have an older home and you have carved out a playroom in a nontraditional area like an attic or basement a custom playroom wall mural will brighten up your space and make it seem more attractive to you and your kids. And if you have a playroom for the kids in a spare bedroom a wall mural will make your space seem more special and fun. If you have an open concept home and you want to create a dedicated space for them to play where you can still watch the kids from the kitchen using a wall mural creates a boundary that will designate that space as a space for play so that the room doesn’t look so confused or chaotic. A wall mural with a storage unit clearly marks off that space as a play space and there will be additional storage for toys.

When it comes to kids room ideas and kids room decor the right mural for a playroom can vary. A flower mural or pick diamond mural for instance could be the right fit.

Daycares And Classrooms

A playroom wall mural isn’t just for private homes. If you run a daycare out of your home or if you have a daycare facility with classrooms a playroom wall mural is something that both kids and parents will love. By giving your space a playroom wall mural you are making your facility more fun for the kids that are visiting each day. And taking the extra step to get a custom playroom wall mural will impress parents and help them feel better about leaving their kids with you.

If you have a character that you use as your logo, like a clown or some other kid-friendly character, you could have that character worked into the playroom wall mural to build your brand. Having custom murals done is a fantastic way to make your daycare or childcare facility stand apart from other child care facilities in the local area.

Popular Playroom Wall Mural Themes

Playroom wall murals are a chance to really add some fun and bright colors to your home. For younger children, some of the most popular playroom wall mural themes are ones that use primary colors and have basic shapes in them that the kids can identify. For older children designs that use letters and numbers are popular. Also popular are murals that incorporate favorite childhood book characters like Winnie The Pooh and The Cat In The Hat. Naturescapes like forests or fields of flowers are also very popular for playroom wall murals. Castles and fairytale landscapes are fun too.

Our talented artists can personalize a mural for your children including all the different things that they like. For a child that loves Harry Potter, a playroom wall mural can turn the playroom into a Hogwort’s dorm room or a library. And for a child that loves animals, a wall mural can bring all their favorite animals into the playroom.

Why Choose Us

Our artists and designers have decades of experience creating fine art murals for businesses and homes. They will work with you to create a mural for your playroom or a mural for your daycare that the kids will enjoy and that will encourage the kids to be more creative.

Playing is very important for children. It teaches them how to use their imagination and solve problems as well as teaching them fine motor skills and other necessary skills. So give your child a unique personalized place to play and you will be contributing even more to the development of their creativity and imagination.

We have the best fine artists and designers who have the experience and advanced education to create genuine works of art that are kid friendly and designed to fit into your home. If you are interested in getting a custom quote for a playroom wall mural call us today. You can talk to one of our artists and get more information about the design process and the cost of hand-painted custom designed wall mural for your playroom. If you have an idea for a custom mural in mind our artists can use that as a starting point for a mural. And if you don’t have a particular idea in mind they can come up with something totally unique just for you and your child.

We paint playroom murals of any size in any location. Get a free estimate today.