Playroom signs are a fun way to decorate the playroom and help kids learn at the same time. Custom playroom signs give parents the chance to create a fun environment for play and learning using customized and personalized art that reflects the interests and hobbies of their kids. Playroom signs can also be used to make sure that kids know the playroom rules, like putting their toys back when they’re done or letting them know where the toys are supposed to go. Playroom signs can also be used to create separate designated spaces inside the playroom like creating a space for art, a space for reading, a space of homework and so on.

If you have been thinking about getting some custom playroom signs made but you are not sure what style or size playroom signs you need talk to one of our talented design team members today. They can help you figure out what size and style of playroom sign are the best for your home. They can also suggest some designs and themes if you need a little guidance to come up with interesting and kid-friendly theme ideas.

Our team of designers and artists is made up of talented professionals with education and experience in fine arts, painting, calligraphy, and graphic design. Working together they can create a custom blend of images, colours, and lettering styles to make totally unique and one of a kind playroom signs for you and your kids. They can suggest on trend artistic styles that are appropriate for kids and if you have ideas in mind already they will work with you to refine those ideas and create beautiful custom playroom signs. If you don’t have any ideas in mind already our design team can make suggestions and help you choose a kid-friendly theme for your custom playroom signs. Some of the most often requested themes for playroom signs include themes like:


It’s a good idea for parents to have custom playroom signs that list the rules for the playroom. Kids often forget what they are told so even if you tell your child the playroom rules chances are high that they will forget those rules at some point. A custom playroom sign that lists your playroom rules gives kids a visual reference they can look at to remember the rules. Your sign can list rules like being sure all the toys are put away or only painting at the craft table and not on the rug or on the walls. Playroom signs that spell out the rules are also good for playdates so that your child’s friends are aware of the rules that you have for the playroom too.


Quotes and sayings that inspire your child to dream and use their imagination are a whimsical addition to the playroom. When those savings are combined with pretty imagery and familiar characters your kids will love having custom playroom signs on the walls and those positive inspirations can inspire your children to read, dream, and pursue their interests.


Traditional poems and rhymes like nursery rhymes and the characters in the nursery rhymes are great custom playroom signs for younger children. Familiar rhymes can also help children learn to read as they get older. Don’t be surprised if your child starts repeating the rhymes in your custom playroom signs over and over again. You might get sick of hearing those rhymes over and over but your child will have a lot of fun and learn a lot about language saying them over and over again.


Animals are always a popular subject for playroom signs. Kids love animals, especially baby animals. So playroom signs featuring fun animal designs are a great way to get your child to engage with the playroom signs and pay attention to what’s on the sign. You can even work with our design team to create playroom signs that have your own pets or animals that are familiar to your child on the signs. Your child will really enjoy seeing their beloved pets on playroom signs hung all around the playroom.


One of the most unique topics for playroom signs is recreations of your child’s art or signs that incorporate pieces of your child’s art. Every parent loves their child’s unique artwork. And instead of sticking it on the fridge until you have to throw it away you can take the best pieces of your child’s art and have them turned into custom playroom signs. When you turn their art into a playroom sign you are preserving the original art and making something that is more permanent than paper so that your child’s art will last for years. As your child gets older they will love seeing preserved pieces of their original art in custom playroom signs.

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